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Handcrafted Tibetan Buddhist Wristband BUDA

Handcrafted Tibetan Buddhist Wristband BUDA

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Buddhist bracelet specially created, knotted and ritualized to help you in your spiritual growth and attract prosperity

Its size is adjustable between 16-25 cm, and it fits the standard Unisex sizes, if you need a smaller measure you can adjust to your measure, contact me to make it easy to size your wrist

These beautiful bracelets are braided with their colorful colors while they recite mantras, for this reason their energy is going to attract everything positive to your life, their color combination is delicately chosen to help you in different aspects.

Choose the combination that best suits what you need right now

From many it is known the power that the colors exercise, we can take advantage of its virtues by wearing the colors that we feel can help us, to this, we add the powerful energy infused with the Buddhist mantras, so this bracelet becomes a very special complement.

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