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Bracelet Knots of Lucky buddhist Empathy

Bracelet Knots of Lucky buddhist Empathy

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Bracelets buddhist especially ritualizadas, your high vibration is achieved by being knotted while reciting mantras.

Increase the self-esteem is vital for us to feel good about ourselves.

Carry them with you always to attract all the positive, of adjustable size and made delicately with a string of first-quality, will make which, by their durability, to accompany you for a long time and give its properties. 

The golden color, like yellow, is associated with the sun, the abundance (wealth) and power, also with great ideals, wisdom and knowledge.
It is a color that revitalizes the mind, energy and inspiration, take away the fears and superfluous things.
The light golden colour is excellent for depression and balances the mind.



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