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Buddhist bracelets in 18 colors

Buddhist bracelets in 18 colors

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Buddhist bracelets are very special. Their high vibration is obtained by carefully reciting the shawl with exquisite high-quality thread. Their durability will make them accompany us for a long time and give our own property.
They attract all the positive things in our lives, protect us and raise our awareness.

    In Tibetan Buddhism, these red thread bracelets are used to "restore natural order" in some "healing rituals.". The ritual monks tie red ribbons to the wrists of the participants so that their bodies and souls are always connected.

    The red Bracelet must be placed on the left hand because the capsule is considered to be the receiving surface of the body and soul. When we use the red ribbon on the left wrist, we can get an important connection with the protection of energy in the universe

    In this way, with the bracelet of lucky knot, we will feel protected, at the same time, we will only attract positive things into our life, eliminate and reject any negative energy. The knots were tied up and recited Mantis

    For hundreds of years, mantis has been used in spiritual practice to focus and transform subtle energy.

    The mantis voice awakens the healing energy that is within the spirit In the Buddhist tradition, these positive forces are called sacredness: the manifestation of the forces of change in our minds.

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