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Buddhist bracelet New colors

Buddhist bracelet New colors

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Specially ritualized Buddhist bracelets, their high vibration is achieved by being knotted while reciting mantras.

Always carry them on top to attract all the positive, adjustable size and delicately made with top quality yarn, it will make you, for its durability, accompany you for a long time, providing its properties. 

The golden color, like yellow, is associated with the sun, abundance (riches) and power, also with great ideals, wisdom and knowledge.
It is a color that revitalizes the mind, energies and inspiration, removes fears and superfluous things.
The light gold color is great for depression and balances the mind.

The brown color is the color of Mother Earth, the brown contributes the sense of stability and removes insecurity.

Green has a strong affinity with nature and connects us with it, makes us empathize with others, finding the right words in a natural way.
It is the color we instinctively seek when we are depressed or have just experienced trauma. Green creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation, of calm and inner peace, that makes us feel balanced inside.



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