Cambia tu vibración y tus deseos se harán realidad

Change your vibration and your wishes will come true


You are more than a physical being in a physical universe. You are a being of energy and vibration in a universe of energy and vibration. You transmit and receive energy.


Your brain is a sending and receiving station. The subconscious mind acts as a broadcast station sending signals to the universe based on our belief systems. And creative imagination is our receiving station through which we receive signals from the universe such as intuition, revelations, creativity etc.

Attracting patterns

It is not that you attract what you want, or what you think or what you feel. You attract the signal that you are sending.

As a transmitter of vibrations you are constantly sending signals to the universe about who you are in the moment. Those signals are going to attract or repel other beings of vibration, events and experiences.

You are going to attract what is in harmony with your state of well-being and reject what is not in sync with your state.

As the signals you send tend to be complex, your experience in physical reality will also be complex.

Once you accept that your vibration attracts compatible patterns, it becomes clear that if you want to live different things it will be necessary to change the signals that you are sending.

The humming of your vibration

Quiet your mind, tune into your inner being, listen to that eternal broadcast station that is you. What kind of signals are you currently transmitting?

For example, I feel relaxed as I write this article, my brain asks my body to stretch to concentrate better, it emits satiety after eating blackberries. Internally I feel a state of stillness and happiness of being able to express myself creatively. There are also external factors, such as the relaxing music I'm listening to, a nice weather, and the vibrations of the people around me.

In general it can be said that both the signals coming from me and those around me are in sync, this is a stable state for me.

The mark of your energy is the sum of all the signals you are sending. Thoughts and feelings are not the cause of these signals: they are effects of these signals. If you manage to change the signal consequently feelings and thoughts will change.

Your vibration and your environment tend to go where your balance is.

Suppose you are financially bankrupt and if this has been a stable situation for a while, it is most likely that the energy signals you are moving in are vibrating at the same ruin frequency.

This includes where you live, the people you interact with, your environment, your events on the agenda, your furniture and so on. You are immersed in the field of these signals and this makes you vibrate on the same level.

If you continue to expose yourself to signals that reinforce that state, then that state will persist indefinitely. You can escape from it for a while, but you will keep falling if that is your balance.

Change your vibration

Making temporary changes to your vibration is easy. Jump or move your body, sing, do a yoga position, take a cold shower. All this can change your state. But this will not have a lasting effect if you return to your previous vibration. If your dominant signal does not change, your balance will not change.

In order to change your balance you have to break the previous balance. This means that you have to disconnect from your current vibration with lasting effect and the environment of vibrations linked to it as well.

There are two ways to achieve this:

Start transmitting a new signal and stick to it. You will start to repel everything that is not compatible with the new signal. You'll also start attracting people, events, and experiences compatible with your new signal. Hold that signal and you will see the physical world change around you.

One way you can start is by visualizing your purposes every day. Either make a board with images of what you want or write your mantra and repeat it several times in the morning and at night while imagining what you want being a reality.

You must do it with intense desire so that you develop strong emotions within yourself. A change in emotions is a good indicator that you are transmitting a new signal.

The second way to do this is to intentionally trade signals from your environment for new ones. Then you must stay in that new environment. It will be uncomfortable at first because at first you will not be compatible with those signals. You must allow them to calibrate your own vibration until you become compatible with them.

You can achieve this by changing the landscape of your environment: physically, socially, and others. For example: stop spending time with lazy friends, give your TV away, spend time with productive people you meet.

This will feel awkward at first, but eventually you will be integrating those signals and your own vibration pattern will change soon to be in resonance with new people.

In short, you can change the signal you transmit or you can change the signal of the soup in which you are immersed. The most recommended is a combination of both.



To create what you want, you must change your vibration pattern so that you are emitting a signal compatible with your goals and desires.

Learning to identify and control the vibration frequencies you are emitting is very powerful. When you succeed you can change your frequency at will to make what you want come true.



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