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It knows the ancestral power of the stones

Beautiful or semiprecious are not only decorative elements, although they are part of jewels and of adornments. According to the students of the topic, the energy of the natural glazing helps to harmonize the frames of mind, to feel better and to transform the negative waves that throw us the others.

Venerated by all the cultures of the humanity (still until our days), the stones keep the memory of the Earth. The energy concentrates on them across imperceptible vibrations, which in contact with that of the human beings help to restore the harmony. From there that the stones are used both in natural medicine and in the rites of all the peoples.

"The stones are to the planet what the bones are to our organism. They are provided with many minerals that also we have the human beings, that's why we share the molecular composition of the stones. We are related", he says Ramiro Rahman, who is employed with the stones at Andean rituals. Many stones were created from the magma volcanic and they formed thanks to the high temperatures. Its use is ancestral. The Andean peoples, our ancestors, were calling to the mountainsapus, that it means guards. Still today the custom stays in the original man (like that of Tafí of the Vale) of constructingpiles(a stone arrives of other one) in honor to the Earth.

All the stones concentrate energy. Rahman raises them of the river - in an "intuitive" selection, he says - and keeps them for itstemascales. It is a question of ancestral rites that consist of baths to steam desintoxicantes of the organism. For it it is used prepared of herbs in water that get overturned on warm stones, from which the curative steam comes.

Positive waves

So much for its vibrations since for its colors the stones influence the emotions and help to increase our mental and psychological power. The therapy with glazing takes charge of the use of the stones in accordance with the needs of every person. Not only they are used in rites, but also in massages with warm stones and other therapies. Also, in spite of only using them like pendant or in a few good hoops they liberate its charitable effects, on having entered connection with our energy. Also how do adornments intersperse charitable vibrations for the whole ambience. They can reach all the problematic areas of the body across the spinal nerves. The stones spheres collaborate positively when there is lacking in harmony. They say that the spheres of white quartz transform in clear or cloudy in accordance with the situation. The minerals of violet color (amethyst or quartz lilac) help in cases of duel or when it is necessary to break dependence bonds. The pyramids and obelisks throw its energy stream towards the top and from there it goes off for the whole house. The vibrations of the stones have also an effect armonizador on plants and animals.

Rahman approves the use of pendants with the stone that in this moment does good to the person.

How to choose the color

The colors have a lot of importance: for example, the white glazing like the quartz, rock crystal and lunar stone, brings order and balance to the life. The bluish glazing (aquamarine, topaz, blue quartz and others) is tranquilizing and they act in case of annoyances and disagreements. Those of yellow or orange color generate optimism, happiness and growth. The red one (ruby, red coral and others) encourages to the love, the honor and the intelligence. Already the sabés, I chose what is convenient for you.

One for one


Quartz: the most related to the human being
The quartz is the most common mineral in the earth's crust (12 % of its volume is a quartz) and more related to the human being because it is formed by silicon and oxygen. It appears in 112 forms. The quartz balances our psychic axis and helps us to concentrate, to have firm and rational targets. Also it regenerates our aura. It is used in the industry of the optics and in precision devices. The electronic clocks take quartz for its perfect oscillation.



Coral: it improves the circulation
The ancient ones were using jewels with coral to place trust and happiness. It improves the circulation of the blood, helps in cases of anemias, circulatory disturbances, menstrual problems, badly nutrition and unfertility. Both the Tibetan ones and the American Indians were using the red coral to improve the formation of the bones (that's why the children were using it).El ideal red coral and the pink sound to treat nerves and cardiac problems. There is orange, white, blue, black and pink.


Emerald: the stone of the love
It radiates force in any state, from its crystalline part up to its root. It balances, invigorates and allows a purification of the spirit. It neutralizes the negative energies. Its coloration owes to the chromium, but it has narrow relation with the aquamarines, since both are of the same origin (although they develop in different contexts). It is related with the cardiac and laryngeal chakra, the solar plexus and the third eye. It is the stone that it raises to the universal love.


Lapis lazuli: knowledge and royalty
Of blue color with changes to the gilding or silver-plating, it was used like sacred stone by ancient cultures. It reduces the excitement, hefts the passions, acts on the chakra of the bridge of the nose, unblocks the emotions, liberates the intuition and helps to the conscience to reach its own power. It is the stone of the power, of the knowledge and of the royalty. The Egyptians were using it to get connected with its gods and to neutralize poisons. In meditation, it facilitates the way to the balance.


Pyrite: the gold of the idiots
This way they were calling it in the West of the USA, because it was confusing the gold diggers. Its action is focused, it helps to the targets achievement, promotes the sagacity and the plans of direct action. In the antiquity it was used to treat gastritis and all kinds of ailments of the digestive tract. He helps to promote not open talents.

Amber: against spells
In fact it is not a stone, but a fossilized resin of coniferous trees (like the pine), of the period Oligocene. That's why inside we can find insects or plants that have remained caught from the antiquity. It is used like magic protection from the enchantments and the negative influences. In the ancient China one believed that the amber was the spirit of the tigers that was remaining like that on having died. Many peoples believed that it was containing life.

Amethyst: it balances and protects
Of origin magmático and hidrotermal, the most habitual thing is to find it upholstering the agate interior, sometimes gigantic or in lodes. Its name comes from the Greek amethystos (not drunkard), since it was considered to be an antidote against the inebriation.

To the being of the family of the quartzes, it has the powers of this one, especially, the aptitude to polarize the positive energy. It helps to the physical, mental and spiritual balance. It is used in persons who suffer from the nerves and depressive.

Turquoise: happiness and good luck
Well-being Sinómimo, regulates the respiratory system and she is offered for the good luck. It is very fragile and sensitive to the solvents, that's why some perfumes and the cosmetics can alter its color, the same as the greasy skins. It is not convenient her to leave a lot of time to the sun. It helps to the creative expression and to the good mood.

Agate: it absorbs the negative thing
With its most beautiful circles of colors and transparences it is alike the cut of a trunk of tree. The agate was much venerated by the ancient ones and it was considered to be the stone of the science. Also curative powers were assuming to him against the illnesses of the eyes or the stings of chandeliers and scorpions. One has found them in the ocular basins of the mummies of Egypt. For belonging to the family of the quartz they are good for the absorption of negative energies.

Aquamarine: of the clairvoyance
It is used in the fifth energy center (gullet) to improve its functions. Its rock mother is pegmatita and granite. Those who work with stones relate it to the power of the mystique, for its big explanatory effects. From immemorial times it has been the stone of the clairvoyance. It is offered like pledge of loyalty or friendship and in religious objects. It is recharged energéticamente putting it to the sun on a piece of plate of copper per hour, every 15 days.

Obsidian: justice and restraint
This black stone is known like the stone of the Justice, for its properties that favor the meditation and the good decisions. Persons use them with depression, anxiety and nerves. The Aztec women were putting a stone obsidian in the mouth at the moment of the childbearing that that was calm and without problems.

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