Do you feel trapped in your reality? Have you read the book and seen the movie The Secret, The Secret and still do not know how to change your reality? Do you feel that you still have many dreams to achieve? Do you wish there was something to help you apply the law of attraction in your life?

If you feel that way, I want to tell you that I know how you feel! There are many more people asking the same questions. There are many people wanting and trying to manifest their wishes. If only I had a magic lamp to change my life. You would believe me if I told you that you really already have it.

Do you remember the story of Aladdin's Lamp? The story tells about a boy who finds a lamp and decides to rub it, waking up the Genie inside him. The Genie comes out and says, "I give you three wishes." The boy tells him his first wish and the Genie replies, "Your wishes are orders." And so he continues to fulfill the child with all his requests. Easy no? Who does not ever wish to find such a lamp?

What we have to understand is that this is not just a children's story, but we really do have a lamp in our possession. As mentioned in the movie The Secret or in the book The Secret, the Law of Attraction always works for everyone, whether we realize it or not. For example, did you ever think about what your dream car is? That convertible red and you didn't stop finding that car everywhere, well, that's how our mind works or rather, our Inner Magic Lamp.

So, suppose you strongly desire a promotion in your job. And you constantly say to yourself, "I deserve it since I am the right person for that job." Time passes, but your agreement does not come. Some negative thoughts begin to grow within you, and you begin to doubt; Am I really the right person? Do I really deserve it?

Now remember that every thought you have, the genie says, "Your wishes are orders." So be careful what you wish for. If your desires are associated with your negative thoughts, in the end, that's what you're going to get. If you have doubts, fears or insecurities, that is what you are going to attract to you.

The history of the Aladdin Lamp has taught me a lot. I have learned to keep negative thoughts out of my mind. Whatever you say, think or feel, the Genie will give it to you; he cannot distinguish whether they are good or bad wishes. Keep your positive thoughts, keep your dreams and desires in your mind all the time, and the Genie will give you what you ask for.


Remember that the Law of Attraction does not rest, start changing your life today.

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