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Descubre los secretos de tu fecha de nacimiento

Discover the secrets of your date of birth


One of the numbers that amazes us the most when we know their meaning is our birth number. Knowing and interpreting it reveals many facets of our personality, and that of others, and helps us to improve ourselves to become a little better every day as human beings, which is what really counts.

Indeed, among the key numbers provided by the Numerology, that ancient discipline that goes back to the times of the wise Greek mathematician Pythagoras, more than two thousand five hundred years ago, one of them is the so-called "Path of life" that is relatively easy to calculate and interpret.

The Path of Life is the number with which we were born, the one with which we came to Earth, the one that indicates our nature, our talents, who we really are, precisely why it is called our "path in life".

If the vibratory frequencies that this number gives us live optimistically and positively, you can successfully achieve your goal. It is your number, the most important of all. You must live it fully, but remember, if you take it negatively then you could have adverse reactions.

It is also known as the birth number, and even the destination number, although the latter term is confusing and it is preferred to call it within Numerology as the Path of Life.

Learn how to calculate your Path of Life or your Birth Number

Calculating your birth number or Path of Life is very simple. The procedure is the next.

1. You write your day, month and year of birth with numbers:

Example, the December 12, 1950 would be: 12-12-1950

2. Once you have those numbers you add them together to make it easier for you to calculate. In the example above you add:


3. To that result you also get adding each element let's say: 12+12+1950=1974 and then adding 1+9+7+4=21

Remember that mathematics is exact science and the order of the addends does not alter the sum.

Now you have a number, in the previous case the 21 and you add it again 21=2+1=3 and you already have the Path of life since in Numerology you are going to reduce all the figures to a single digit, from 1 to 9. This is very important.

Another example: If the sum gives you 18 the resulting number would be 9 (1+8), if the sum gives you 32 the result is 5 (3+2) and so on, it is very simple, just add and reduce.

What is the use of knowing your Path of Life or Birth Number?

Now that you know your Path of Life the best part comes: the interpretation.


Number One: Your vibration is individuality.

If your Path of Life is the One, you are the pioneer, the original, creative person, a leader, someone who directs and the best thing is that you are in a business where you can command, direct. You don't like taking orders, you are ambitious with many aspirations, but honest, loyal and with a good sense of humor. The 1 represents determination, will, which inspires things to exist. It is the number of the precursor with original ideas, of the invention. He is strong, dominating, executive.

It represents unity in the sense of what is unique and indivisible. The 1 is the origin, the first of the numbers, and it is self-sufficient, since both if it is multiplied or divided by itself, it always stays at 1, which does not happen with any other number (1 × 1 = one).

The qualities of Number One that appear in people with a positive temperament: You are active, creative, pioneering, dynamic, innovative, diligent. Neutral qualities of the One that lean to one side or the other and must be known to channel them properly: Lack of will, selfishness.

Aspects of the One that appears in people with negative personalities: Tyranny, abusing authority, wanting to control others, imposing their reason or way of seeing life on everyone, autocracy, intolerance, intransigence.

Number 2: Your vibration is cooperation.

You are Number Two and you work better with other people, you need company to be able to develop, you don't feel good doing things alone. The two is the principle of duality, of diversity, of the company.

Being opposed to one, which is considered a masculine number, the two tells us about the feminine principle of receptivity, therefore, the characteristics of the 2 are those that are traditionally associated with the yin part, softness, sweetness, but also boldness and diplomacy.

Those who have two on their Path of life can fix problems with their word and action because they have a lot of social touch. Family and home are very important to those who have this number. You are very interested in details in everything.

On the other hand you are very versatile, you can adapt well to different circumstances, and it also indicates the so-called "dual nature", that is, you can see both sides of the situation. You are an excellent referee, since you have an objective vision of reality. It is a very emotional number, and very related to feeling.

The qualities of Number Two that appear in people with a positive temperament: Soft, collaborative, sensitive, helpful, diplomatic, cooperative. Neutral qualities of the Two that lean to one side or the other and must be known to channel them properly: Shyness and timidity, susceptibility, hypersensitivity.

Aspects of the Two that appears in people with a negative personality: Hypocrisy and deception, unjustified jealousy, emotional instability.

Number 3: Your vibration is "what is pleasant"

You are the three, the number of the enthusiasm and the pleasant, the trips and the joy of living, the number of the triangle, creative and happy, imaginative and energetic. The number of creativity is considered because it is the result of the sum of 2 + 1, that is, the receptive feminine principle (yin) of 2 added to the masculine principle of 1 (yang) that combines the yin yang of the couple loving.

It is usually associated with sexual symbolism with natural roots, since the male genital apparatus is made up of 3 parts, 2 the same and a different one. It is the number of fine arts, music, literary creation. The influence of the three is on two levels: mental, which develops your effort in the plane of ideas, and of the imagination, and social that moves in the sphere of relationship, word and communication. You express yourself singing, acting, you are "the life of the party".

The qualities of Number Three that appear in people of positive temperament: Optimism, ability to make friends, creativity, is cheerful, dynamic, enthusiastic. Neutral qualities of the Three that lean to one side or the other and must be known in order to channel them appropriately: Speaking uncontrollably, talkative and talkative, pretentious, vain, superficial.

Aspects of the Three that appears in people with a negative personality: Depression and pessimism, the trickster, gossip, entanglement, nosy person.

Number 4: Your vibration is organization, practicality

Your Number is that of organization, honesty, serious and dignified work, patience, the strength of stability, the base of the pyramid. You work perfectly with your hands, your mind, your whole body. You are the paradigm of service par excellence, and responsible to the maximum.

It is the number of solidity, but also of immobility, since only 4 points are enough to build the three-sided tetrahedron or pyramid, which is the simplest figure with three dimensions and is formed only by joining 4 points. You are thrifty and builder, extremely reliable. The base of the family and society, the prop of everything.

The qualities of Number Four that appear in people of positive temperament: He is patient, trustworthy, organized, honest, responsible, persistent. Neutral qualities of the Four that lean to one side or the other and must be known to channel them properly: The type of heavy, immobile, not very light, dense in their things, impenetrable type.

Aspects of the Four that appears in people with a negative personality: It is all disorganized and disorganized, rude and violent, rude when speaking, not very delicate and careless.

Number 5: Your vibration is freedom.

You are Five, the number that represents the freedom of the human being, the digit that is halfway in the series of elementary figures (1-2-3-4 5 6-7-8-9), in the same center, they can be versatile, changing. Do not resist the routine and you are always on the move.

For you it is essential to be able to move, do what you like, have no restrictions, express yourself without censorship. It is the number of the traveler par excellence, everything new fascinates you and captures your imagination.

The 5 breaks the routine is jovial, restless, nervous, is the number of the beginning of spring, health and also of eroticism, sexual energy and sensuality manifested in the five traditional senses.

It is the number of the experience and learns by trial and error, from the self-taught. You like to advance even if you do not have a clear vision of the path because you are very bold. You seek freedom, and do not hesitate to reject the old to replace it with the new.

The qualities of Number Five that appear in people of positive temperament: Dynamism, freedom, a taste for change and renewal, adaptability, freshness in relationships, openness of mind, tolerance, vital energy. Neutral qualities of the Five that lean to one side or the other and must be known to channel them properly: Irresponsibility, instability, superficiality, inconsistency.

Aspects of the Five that appears in people with a negative personality: Self-indulgence with lack of control, excess of pleasures, drugs or drink, cynicism, sadism, irony.

Number 6: Your vibration is responsibility, home, family

You are the number of selfless love, the one that was born to love and serve others, help those in need, both as a counselor, a doctor, a teacher, always ready to go where required.

Your surroundings must be harmonious and beautiful, you love tranquility and peace. You are the number of the home, the family, the house, the family harmony, the one that represents the father and the mother. It is a number of justice and you always try to balance the two scales of the balance. Seek harmony in the home through marriage, or a union with a stable partner and if you remain single you will unite your extended family with your energy, the adorable uncle, the aunt who never fails.

Six is ​​the first of the perfect numbers, since decomposed into its multiples and added: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 gives us himself and explains the continuous search for harmony and perfection of 6, of beauty as an extreme expression of balance of the parts, it is a harmonious number, balanced without internal conflicts, seeking the truth.

The qualities of Number Six that appear in people of positive temperament: helpful, responsible, loving, humanitarian, selfless, trustworthy, reserved, discreet. Neutral qualities of the Six that lean to one side or the other and must be known to channel them properly: nosy, liar, manipulator, controller.

Aspects of the Six that appears in people with a negative personality: irresponsible, weedy, unstable, disorganized, selfish.

Number 7: Your vibration is wisdom, knowledge

Your Karma is of wisdom and mysticism, the eternal seeker of knowledge. The lover of wisdom. You study, you learn from everything and everyone. Those with the seven tend to be loners, philosophers, thinkers, somewhat hermits, a bit antisocial in terms of meetings they consider superficial or banal. If you are a seven you feel the need to share your knowledge with others, that's why you write or you are a teacher, professor, lecturer.

Your success comes from your incessant search. You are a mystery to others and possess very powerful psychic and intuitive abilities. Your self-confidence is great and your memory too.

You have a great capacity for analysis, since the mind judges matter, looking for explanations, looking for the deep root that hides behind appearances that you combine with reason, imagination and intuition.

The qualities of Number Seven that appear in people with a positive temperament: He is observant, analytical, intuitive, investigative, reasonable, restrained. Neutral qualities of the Seven that lean to one side or the other and must be known to channel them properly: Pessimism, excessive concern, is hypercritical, extremely anti-social.

Aspects of the Seven that appears in people with a negative personality: The destructive, self-destructive, false, hypercritical impulse, very pessimistic and defeatist, ironic, caustic.

Number 8: Your vibration is that of achievement

This is the number of the effort and your success depends on your work and determination. Life presents you with many opportunities, but you have to fight hard to take advantage of them. Nothing comes easy for those who have an eight but through hard work, but by doing it you get it.

You like to do things in a big way, you are an excellent and very good administrator for money and banks, your aspirations go very high until you want to be president of a country! In Numerology, this number is related to Karma, since in times when its influence is predominant, the effects of the acts of the past are received, which may well be a life full of riches, or conversely with many blows economic and bankruptcies.

It promises success, but it forces you to be constant and disciplined, to choose good seeds and take care of the land, with the promise that this effort will have its reward. It implies trust, and the betrayal of this trust comes at a dear price. A simple phone call can move large amounts of funds and contracts, closing big business deals quickly.

The qualities of Number Eight that appear in people with a positive temperament: He is fair, capable of making very important decisions, constructive, hard-working and reliable, direct. Neutral qualities of the Eight that lean to one side or the other and must be known in order to channel them properly: Egoism, cynicism, injustice, manipulation.

Aspects of the Eight that appears in people with a negative personality: Egocentrism, vengeful tendencies, is destructive, ambitious and greedy, cheat.

Number 9: Your vibration is compassion

If you are a nine it means that you have reached the cycle of superior knowledge and understanding, tolerance, the fulfillment of life, total empathy. This is the number that indicates the great conquests of self-improvement and self-realization of all kinds, mental and spiritual, it marks the end of one phase of development and the beginning of another higher phase, symbolized by the passing of the units to the tens because the next cycle is one (10 = 1).

The Greek Pythagorean philosophers used to say of nine that it was the ocean in which numbers move, the horizon that surrounds things. Whoever has this number will be able to achieve success in life, collect what he sows in this world and be an example of compassion and love for others.

The qualities of Number Nine that appear in people of positive temperament: He is generous and inspiring, a vocation of service, tolerant, respectful, compassionate, kind. Neutral qualities of the Nine that lean to one side or the other and must be known in order to channel them properly: Lack of social tact, excessive pride, self-centeredness.

Aspects of the Nine that appears in people with a negative personality: Abusing knowledge is disrespectful, carefree, sarcastic, arrogant, arrogant.

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