Dime tu fecha de nacimiento y te diré "tu esencia", "qué aparentas ser", "tus vidas pasadas" ,"tus regalos" y tu misión de vida.

Tell me your date of birth and I will tell you "your essence", "what you appear to be", "your past lives", "your gifts" and your life mission.

Where does OMKIN-KAY Numerology come from?

"... There is in South America, between the border of Peru, Brazil and Bolivia, isolated in the jungle, a tribe with ancient knowledge, without any kind of contact with our modern world, called Yokara; they live in a kind of small circular city, with a population of no more than two hundred members (descendants of older brothers from space), they are highly spiritually evolved beings, people in Consciousness who handle very wise and profound concepts regarding man, possess paranormal powers such as telekinesis, clairvoyance, clairaudience , telepathy, have connection with other planes of existence and manifestation on other planets.

These indigenous people, to call them in some way, have a religion called "Omkin" (Omkin is for them the name of God); they, in order to share their knowledge with humanity, telepathically attracted a character, whose identity we are going to keep impersonal, who spent several years with them receiving intensively the wise teachings of these loving beings, the simplest and most novel example of all he received is the present Numerology.

... It is called Omkin-Kay Numerology because they handle, like many religions, the trilogy present in the Creator: first person Omkin: "Creation / Birth", second person Omkin-Kay "Maintenance / Life" and as third person Omkin-Ra "death /Regeneration". We will therefore access then the numerology of life, God as a second person, we will study the "Numerology of God"

Omkin-Kay Numerology, understood as an instrument of Evolution, turns each person who receives it and transmits it into a giver of tools, therefore, each person who receives and transmits it has the opportunity to draw a map quick and direct simple general made based on numbers, that guides the great discovery of knowing "who I am", "who I appear to be" "given to me by the creator to help me evolve," that I learned in past lives "and about everything and most importantly "What I came to do, to learn, what is MY MISSION, my highest purpose in this incarnation," what is the contribution that through my learning I come to give to this planet ". This is learning and managing Omkin-Kay numerology "

How is OMKIN-KAY Numerology calculated?

We take the date of birth as the only basis and start calculating by reducing the numbers greater than eleven, we will only reduce the absolute values ​​from twelve onwards.

We will make the following scheme:


The First Quadrant

Represent your Essence

All that you really are, "who are YOU ?," how are you truly inside yourself? "," Who are you when you are alone? "

This number is calculated with the day of your birth. From the first day to the eleventh, each number maintains its value (with the only exception of the number ten, which in this quadrant can be essence one or ten, according to the temperament of the individual: the one will be soft, kindly or like a ten it would be strong, totalitarian); when it is greater than eleven, 20 for example, the absolute values ​​are added: 2 + 0 = 2, so we will have that if you were born on a twentieth day, two correspond to you in the first quadrant.

The second Quadrant

Represent your personality.

It is the ego, what you appear to be, is your external part, how you represent yourself to others, how those with whom you relate to perceive you.

It is calculated with the month of birth. If you were born in the month of November you would be personality 11, because only the absolute values ​​greater than 11 are reduced, if you were born for example in the month of December you reduce the twelve: 1 + 2 = 3, you would be personality three.

The Third Quadrant

It is the gift of OMKIN, the gift of God

They are virtues, qualities, positive, magical aspects that the creator gives you to help you carry out your mission, it is an additional force that God gives you.

It is calculated by adding the last two digits of the year you were born, for example if you were born in 1976, adding the numbers 7 + 6 = 13 will be reduced to 1 + 3 = 4, resulting in a gift from God number four. The gift of God is always the positive aspect of the number.

The Fourth Quadrant

Represents past lives.

It is the number that we have worked the most; it is the summary of what you worked on in your previous reincarnations, it implies virtues, qualities, defects, problems, characteristics that are manifested in your present, current, contemporary life as reflections, of which seventy percent are positive and only a small percentage corresponds to the negative aspect of the number; it is the synthesis of approximately your last twenty reincarnations.

It is calculated with the sum of the four numbers of the year you were born, in the previous example, when you were born in 1976, you add 1 + 9 + 7 + 6 = 23, you continue to reduce 2 + 3 = 5, so this person will be a five of past lives, because the number that has worked the most is five.

The Fifth Quadrant Is the Mission

It is where the four quadrants lead us, it is the Divine plan that we came to fulfill. This is really the most important aspect that we are going to study, why did we come to this life? What did we come to understand? It is the path of perfection, the way forward for your spiritual and material fulfillment.

The mission marks the path to happiness, since when the individual becomes in tune with his superior purpose, with what he came to learn, all the paths automatically begin to open: the path of love, the path of prosperity, the path of Success in all its manifestations, the person expresses satisfaction with life and there is a kind of reconciliation with everything we have had to live before finding this path of perfection that is the fulfillment of the mission.

When the human works on his mission, when he assumes the realization of the divine plan, he begins to integrate as a successful Human Being, transmits peace and harmony, begins to fully enjoy happiness, reaches everything he sets out to do and things flow smoothly and harmoniously. Only the positive aspects of the number corresponding to the mission are taken into account because it is precisely what we come to work on, the negative of the number does not affect it (because logically it does not come to learn anything negative).

It is calculated by adding each of the absolute values ​​of your complete date of birth: day, month and year. For example, someone born on November 20, 1976, add: 2 + 0 + 11 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 6 = 36, continue to decrease 3 + 6 = 9, the mission for this person is to perform the number 9 in your positive expectation.



We find a mirror, someone who reflects what is, we are before a person who is truly authentic, as inside is outside and vice versa, is someone transparent without folds, without any masks, there is confirmation of the essence and generally the individual tends to manifest a higher percentage of positive aspects of the number that is being repeated in essence and personality. In this specific case, personality shows the world what you are internally.


We are in the presence of someone with a very special opportunity of life, since the moment that person demands from the creator his gift, consciously or unconsciously, when "uncovering" said celestial present, all the positive of the essence number is permanently activated .


There is repetition of life, you continue being what you were, that is, the number is still as positive or negative as you choose to express it, but in a lesser margin of negativity than when the number is present only in the essence because there are around twenty incarnations integrating that number to our life experience, which means that even when mastery of it is not achieved, there is still less to integrate.


The individual is born with the mission of knowing himself, what you are internally, by working on it in consciousness will bring as a consequence your integral realization of life.


We meet a person who is going to express his Ego until the moment he asks God for his gift, from that moment, the ego, the personality that is pretending to be, disappears and the positive characteristics of the number that God gives you are They are an integral part of your life, you stop having a costume to turn the positive of the number into reality.


The person continues to believe that "is" what "was" in past lives, characteristics of previous lives are presented with great force, therefore, the healthy thing for the individual is to assume that said qualities, conditions, reflexes or characteristics are already an integral part of his life, becoming aware of the metaphysical axiom that says "... the path that is traveled will not be traveled again". In this step, both the learning and the integration of the number are presumed concluded and we have to assume that everything that this number represents positively is ours by right of conscience, so with great joy we turn to our present, to the chapter we have chosen to experience in This incarnation through the number that we have in the essence, it corresponds to us to choose to give strength to our essence, especially to all the positive that it represents numerologically.


They are a very interesting case, since the personality is driving the accomplishment of the mission, it stops "pretending to be" when the person assumes to realize the Superior purpose of his Life, when he realizes his Mission.


We are in the presence of a person truly gifted and consented by God, since when requesting his gift he will fulfill his mission without difficulty or obstacle, automatically, gently flowing the rhythm of his life.


This is a case that only occurs by way of exception, when both quadrants coincide, these are exceptional cases in which the Creator gives you the same gift number as your past lives as a kind of heavenly grace through which the learned in past lives becomes integrated with one hundred percent of positive aspects to collaborate with your mission in the present life. We have found examples in the nineteenth century, but it is not possible in people born in the twentieth century.


There is repetition of learning, that is to say that unlike the case in which Quadrants one and four coincide in which the person continues repeating life, going alternately from the positive to the negative, in the present case a learning of seventy percent positive is brought of the number and subtracting thirty percent to be carried out, we come to learn the tiny percentage that was not learned in past lives, in both when assuming the mission one hundred percent of the number will manifest itself positively.

Meaning of each Number in the Essence


(In essence people born the first of each month or by way of exception those born on days 10, 19, 28)

People born under the vibration of number one have Kindness as their keyword, people who are humble in every way; they are beings that live with the heart, soft, authentic, loving, very creative, dynamic, practical; active but with the bodily harmony of a dancer, we are in the presence of a tabla artist, humanitarian, sensitive, they love much more than they express, they have a great need to love and be loved; correct with a lot of initiative, original in everything they undertake; he is someone who knows how to advise and encourage others; he always knows what he wants and why he does it, every time he starts something, from the beginning he has internally very defined what is the trajectory that the company or project is going to carry out; they know themselves different from the others, generous loyal friends and capable of great sacrifices for friendship, imaginative, they are people who live and let live, respectful of the individuality of others; very loving people with children; as a very nice and collaborative couple.

When the number one appears under a negative aspect, they are vain, proud beings; creativity is conspicuous by its absence, they are unaware of their inner strength, they live by inertia, serious depressive tendencies, without initiative, with permanent fatigue; they become slow, clumsy "like an elephant in glassware", heavy, lazy, annoying, repetitive; they distrust themselves and consult all their decisions, they become indecisive, paralyzing themselves before any decision-making, they live with permanent feeling of guilt, especially in family relationships; stubborn, square in their belief systems, inflexible, do not accept criticism of any kind; introverts; they are easily manipulated; bigoted, selfish, dominant, materialistic.


On a spiritual internal level, it corresponds to him to learn to take initiatives, to be "humble and meek of heart"; develop originality, move from inactivity to constructive action, create new starting points, learn to be kind and honest; develop kindness. On the professional level, the careers of draftsman, architect, designer, publisher, publicist, inventor, film or television producer, all kinds of activities related to the theater world, dancer, ballet artist, and / or any creative work are suggested.


(In essence people born on the two or twenty days of each month)

Those born under the influence of number two are people whose key word is obedience, is the disciple par excellence, spiritual student who responds to a single guru, a single line, a single current or philosophical idea, loves to learn but always That it be from a single Source, they are fascinated by reading, since this way they satisfy their thirst for learning, gentle, with exquisite manners, natural sense of the most select protocol, adaptable, wise, friends of all, excellent confidants, they know how to hear and keep a secret, compassionate, they calculate danger very well because they do not like unnecessary risks, innate capacity for trade; very good as administrators; They do not support gamble and chance games; excellent industrialists, businessmen by nature, mediators, romantics, on the sentimental level they do not like to be alone, so the couple occupies an important place, sensitive and imaginative; rest nourishes them, gives them spiritual responses and recovers them from all kinds of situations, excellent as parents, as children, and as brothers who love their home since their home is their castle, their safe space; They care a lot about living in complete harmony, surrounded by beauty, in their lives they achieve their goals through touch and the diplomacy with which they are born, they are cordial people of extreme sympathy, understanding, it is the only number that gets along well with everyone.

In their negative aspect they are people influenced by what bad friends attract and represent misfortunes in their lives, disobedient, excessively dependent, indecisive, insecure, fearful with a lot of fear of the unknown; fear of losing the love of family, friends and loved ones, fear of loss in general; possessive; jealous, in need of approval, they accept things with exaggerated ease, even if they represent pain or abuse in their lives; they throw themselves into marriage thoughtlessly, fanatical devotion to the family, especially the mother; too tolerant of loved ones, they live dreaming in a personal world of fantasy and reverie; they think excessively; unfaithful by the natural duality of the number, by the influences, and by the constant ups and downs of their moods.


He comes to learn to collaborate with others, to develop solidarity, to learn to transcend emotionality, to learn to associate without depending on someone, to be consistent in what he undertakes, allowing himself to be guided by his inner Master, to distinguish the best, the positive of each person, situation or relationship to achieve your Higher Good.

At a professional level everything that involves negotiations, teamwork, requiring cooperation and being guided by a positive leader, the area of ​​commerce and industry, arbitrator and intermediary in any activity, psychology, psychiatry, advocacy, writers of all kinds especially poetry, philosophy and letters, journalism and everything that has to do with communication, photography, everything related to the diplomatic career.


(In essence people born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th)

The key word of people born under this numerical vibration is Positivity, they are optimistic, charming, sociable, sympathetic, extremely positive people, there is no other number with such grace and charm, very expressive bodily, with ease for verbal and gestural communication, They transmit joy, laughter, optimism and enthusiasm for life, they are people with great self-confidence who love to impose their law but through play, humor, kindness and innate sympathy with which they come to the world, generous, patient tolerant, they feel an immense love for their neighbor, they share everything, they are always the center of attraction in any social activity in which they participate since the social world is their natural environment, they are born with artistic, popular, happy, carefree skills, independent, enterprising, determined, lovers of order especially at home, prosperous, attract abundance, are a magnet for money, their talents and skills. Superior gifts make them very successful in love and easy to earn money (even when they do not know how to manage it), good luck always accompanies them in everything they start as they are beings who were born "lucky", permanent seekers of truth, They bring internally a kind of "lie detector" that makes it impossible for someone to deceive them, its expansive positive energy protects them from the negativity of third parties so they are not affected by negative people, they love challenges especially physical ones, they love change because they cannot bear monotony, they learn by traveling and they have an innate facility to learn many languages, great mental strength that leads them to achieve everything they set out to do, a special relationship with nature, magical magnetism with animals and exceptional ability with plants.

When the three is in negative, it is truly "negative", it is the typical victim of life and pessimistic fate, her favorite phrase is "nobody loves me", liar, inferiority complex, feeling of incapacity, feeling of guilt especially towards the children and the family, intolerant, materialistic, depressive, they suffer from fear of loneliness and rejection, manipulative, fickle, promiscuous, flirtatious, exaggerated self-love, pedantic, they act excessively extravagant, vain, superficial, they care too much about the social image, losing prestige, credibility and above all the opinion of the social environment, frivolous pretend a joy that they do not feel, hypocrites, clowns and jesters of the friends on duty, "spoilers", bohemians, personal relationships for economic interest or social advancement, they commit themselves beyond what they can accomplish, they do not know how to say no, overprotective parents, spiteful, proud, arrogant, boastful, wasteful Adores, ostentatious, somatize negative emotions by making their nerves sick to themselves and to others due to excessive tensions and worries, cynical, ambitious, they attract great enemies.


They bring as a mission to achieve positivity in all areas of their lives; they come to develop self-confidence, creativity, artistic ability, to be optimistic, happy, to express joy, to take life as a game with enthusiasm, passion, joy, to relax, to leave rigidity to a side; to be flexible; primordial learning is positivity, a clear, open and receptive state of mind to the new and wonderful things that life offers to each being, to interact with people different from the immediate environment, expanding the social circle, to find the pleasure of little things to enjoy nature, learn to be hedonistic. At the profession level, everything related to artistic expression, acting, singing, composition, animation, mimicry, the media in general, the press, cinema, radio, television, humor, cosmetology, everything that involves information and relationship with masses of people, public relations, gastronomy, haute cuisine, hotels, organization of social events, environmentalists.


(In essence people born on days four, thirteen, twenty-two and thirty-one of each month)

The positive vibration of this number is represented through the keyword intelligence, they are persevering, tenacious but without being overbearing, determined people who make the right decisions, very helpful, service is their great life challenge, misunderstood beings already who act differently from others, highly enigmatic, live projected into the future, anticipating everyone, do not give much importance to the present, create their own rules, their own codes of life, their own belief system, serious people, lonely, individual (totally different from people born under the vibration of number three in essence), their motto is "live and let live", detached with money, they do not mind being King or beggar, systematic, organized, meticulous, extremely retailers, orderly punctual, tireless, constant workers, with great physical, mental and spiritual resistance, achieve success thanks to their great will , imagination and decision-making power but after facing great limitations. They are loyal foolproof people in all areas of their lives, they have few friends, but they are for life, few emotionally demonstrative, honest, patient, stable, enduring.

When the four is negatively aspected they are insensitive, clumsy, dense, heavy, intolerant of ideas, people or situations, they do not listen to others, monothematic, they put logical reasoning to everything, they like to be the center of attraction, they cannot bear to be ignored , they find it difficult to make decisions regarding their own life, the excess of intellectuality separates them from their inner reality, they discuss everything exaggeratedly, excessively lazy, rigid, inflexible, curious, stubborn with great resistance to change.


The motto of number four as learning is "He who lives to serve, serves to live", comes to develop intelligence, to find wisdom, a sense of responsibility, to render selfless service to humanity, to carry out constructive work with your feet firmly on the ground that shows excellence and honesty; learn to be practical, organized, punctual, efficient, to carry out analysis, to balance reasoning and intuition. Due to the organizational capacity and the discipline they come to integrate, the military career fits them; by working with logic and numbers they are carried out through all the professions that handle numbers and money, for example accounting, economy, administration or organizations of Companies, agents of the Stock Market; insurance agent; mathematics, physics, chemistry, pharmacy, architecture, engineering, the entire branch of construction, mining, banking career, real estate, for thoroughness and patience, watchmaking, jewelry, mechanics, electricity, computing, labor law, philanthropy.


(In essence people born on the fifth, fourteenth and twenty-third of each month)

The word par excellence of those born under this vibration is Discipline, they are beautiful people, beautiful internally and externally, charming, extremely attractive, with a spontaneous courtesy present at all times, demanding of themselves, they are born with the gift of teaching, external changes and inmates are an unmet need, they love risks, vital, sharp and agile thinking, they make their decisions very quickly, with a tendency to impulsive, romantic, stimulating, they love comfort, they love beauty in all its manifestations, surrounding themselves always of people or objects that satisfy their love for the beautiful, elegant, flexible, art lovers, have a great capacity to recover from the blows of fate, adaptable, instinctive, insightful, they live in the present, they love adventure, lovers of freedom, sensual, loving, original, tender, understanding, faithful, loyal to ideals, and / or people, family, are progressive, ind ependientes, multifaceted.

In their negative aspect they are totally blurred, they lose their qualities completely and it is very difficult to recognize them, it is the number that represents laziness in its maximum expression, they are impatient and impulsive, they oscillate between delirious joy and deeper depression, nervous, not they endure monotony or routine, hypercritical, crafty, black humor, lazy, when faced with obligations or responsibilities they become withdrawn, sullen, grumpy, libertines who confuse liberty with debauchery, become obsessed with sex or go to the extreme of total sexual rejection , infidels, have difficulty establishing themselves in pairs, wear out and suffocate the love for scrutiny, internally tense, fanatical about rags, superficial, they stagnate at work and spiritually, remaining in a kind of limbo ("aimlessly"), undecided, insecure wasteful.


They come to learn to have discipline in all aspects of their lives, to develop flexibility, internal mobility, versatility, to overcome fears of change, to learn to use their freedom wisely, professionally it is up to them to exercise everything related to the world of the pedagogy which carries them out since they reach their mission through the exercise of teaching in the area they decide; decorator, haute couture, aerobics instructor or the specialty of your choice, teacher of thai-chi, yoga; everything related to the artistic sphere, museums, exhibition halls, painting, sculpture, music, dance, singing, body expression, art critics, modeling, industrial design, travel agent, flight attendant, reporter, any career that involves changes of scenery, structure and ideas, any business that has something to do with beautification.


(In essence people born on the sixth, fifteenth and twenty-fourth of each month)

Those born under the vibration of the six are characterized in their positive aspect by their love for God, their key word is mysticism, they are driven by an unwavering faith in the Creator, whom they love innately, they are the mystics of numerology, they have all of them a very high vibration, a privileged connection with the Creator, which as a Divine Gift is maintained at the etheric level, that is to say invisible, through the Line of Arc "(kind of antenna or celestial radio that establishes direct communication with the planes Divine), intuitive, insightful, enjoy Divine protection, their sixth sense saves them from possible dangers, lovers of art, music, the sublime, possess the power of the verb and prayer, born with the gift of blessing, protecting and multiplying everything that they bless with their word, psychically influence others, happy, excellent conversationalists, honest, upright, defend the truth above all things, workers to ultranz they do not pay attention to their own physical wear and tear, ideal as domestic servants, their home and family are their world, they relate very well to the energy of money and are good administrators, tenacious, fair, educated, conservative, perfectionists, concerned with the well-being of others, especially his own family, his stimulating, calm, serene word balances those around him.

In its negative aspect, the influence of the six makes them pessimistic, selfish, vulnerable, emotional, defenseless, a tendency to gossip, absorbing with friends and family, tax, dominant, intolerant, incredulous, capable of great resentments, atheists, being negative they lose their line of the arc and with it the intuition, his word becomes a true curse that returns them by law of cause and effect in true calamities for their life, meaningless, sarcastic lives, lose their way, failed, dependent, decentralized, unjust They project their own shortcomings on others, they tend to blame others for their mistakes, self-destructive, internal violence, they act viscerally, fanatical, moralistic, superstitious, they live full of bitterness and a lot of rage, they cry easily since they are recreated in emotionality , resentful, obsessive, magnify difficulties, irrational, stubborn, dominant.


Their mission lies in finding God within themselves, in each person and in each situation, they come to develop faith, to follow a spiritual path, to follow their intuition, their sixth sense, to let themselves flow with the natural rhythm of life and the events taking a beautiful learning from each lived situation, to be aware of the subtle reality, come to integrate the human with the divine, to "have our feet on the ground and our eyes in the sky", to achieve unity internal overcoming the false sense of separation from the Creator, it is up to them to learn to be responsible, homely, loving, to nourish themselves internally, to help others without expecting retribution for doing so, to speak and defend the truth without fear of the consequences, at the professional level, for example, social worker, all those managerial positions that imply high responsibilities and decision making; human resources, teaching, counselors, arbitrations, consultant, psychiatry, psychology, preschool psycho-pedagogy.


(In essence people born on days seven, sixteen and twenty-five)

The key word of this numerological vibration is Leadership, it has the power of the verb, it convinces all who approach it with its word, it is a natural inspirer; intense, they represent mercy, they are compassionate, disciplined, strict, individualistic, solitary, they are born with a great aura that protects them from all kinds of negative situations, protected by life, imposing, loved by all, is the "leader" par excellence With the power of his verb, he strongly influences the spiritual growth of those around him, elevating them through his own projection, in them the "Giving to Receive" is fully expressed, since the more they give the more they receive and that is It manifests particularly in its economic aspect.

Charismatic, with a high sense of self-improvement that leads them to high positions in life, to hold positions of power, have great self-confidence, refined, do not bear the vulgar, strong personality, adventurers, love to travel, they love the risks, influence through their presence and their word, inspire and provoke loyalty, sensitive to human pain; Born achievers, they are filmmakers as they advance into the future by concretizing their plans with courage, with the inner strength of being guided to the right, they love esoteric mysteries.

When the number seven is negativized, the leader becomes a despot, a tyrant, people capable of great cruelty, disqualifying, proud, arrogant, insensitive, insecure, they do not speak in public, they avoid people, lacking in mercy, too much self image tall, excessive ego, they think they are "the top of the bottle", they negatively influence others, they are defensive because they do not accept their ego position, especially miserable in the economic aspect, not very humble, terror of failure, it costs them a lot emotionally communicate with others, they become cold, distant, evasive, reject physical contact, manipulators, castrators through the power of their word, hold great grudges for a long time.


They come to become leaders, speakers, leaders of professional activity that they decide to carry out, to lead groups, to develop compassion and mercy, to be independent, to enjoy and learn from solitude, to constantly learn what the priorities are. in life, to deepen spiritual knowledge through esoteric studies and different types of meditation that connect them with their inner power, to develop any activity that brings peace and stimulation to their spirit. At a professional level, any position that applies business, political, social, economic or spiritual leadership, everything that in some way is directed at the masses, such as, for example, vendors, promoters; everything that represents the leadership of large masses, president of companies, political leaders, leadership of unions, social communicators, judges, public reformers, political positions that involve leadership.


(Essentially people born on the eight, seventeen, or twenty-sixth of each month)

The positivized number eight represents The Purity, transparent, authentic, honest beings, very clean in every way, they are physically very clean people; they feed and have complete control of the pranic energy, heal the environment just by being present, kinesthetics who constantly need to touch, expressing their love for others through touch, which is their sharpest sense, tender but only with those who are very close , they are born with the ability to see the probable future since everyone sees infinity, they capture the real essence of people, the environment and any manifestation of creation as they share consciousness with their surroundings, becoming one, to become one with what they want, "they enter the interior space of the people", their hands have the gift of healing voluntarily and involuntarily, they are innocent as children, they do not have malice, the word trust represents them since they blindly trust the people that the surround and what they believe in, brave who do not know the word fear, assertive people with clear and solid concepts, energetic, pragmatic, high ambitions in what they propose, conc etan all their projects since they handle the concept of long-term benefit, they have a special nose for everything economic, constant, silent, reserved, great ability to sacrifice for others or for their ideals, demanding themselves ignoring the signs tired of their organism, great physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resistance, natural athletes, they have no vices, fighters, practical and deeply realistic mentality, they admire the winners, and they despise weakness and mediocre.

When the number eight is negative, he becomes timid, disorderly, slow and fearful, he finds it difficult to make decisions consulting everyone, his skin becomes pale, sleepy, unbearable, dense, he withdraws from the world, he hides but he wants her to touch to be charged energetically, he becomes "an energetic vampire", leaving those around him empty of spirits, lonely but it is always a solitude in which they seek to be caressed to recover because they find prana through touch, poorly thought out, bad intentional, bad energy, desperately need the love and approval of others, absorbing, possessive, jealous, intolerant, rigid, addictive behavior to people, substances or situations that cost them a lot to let go and lead them to their own self-destruction.


They come to develop perseverance, to learn energy management, to overcome fears, to be tolerant, to have flexibility in criteria and beliefs, to develop confidence and innocence to find within themselves purity, to learn to be like children " meek and pure in heart "to enter the kingdom of heaven; find heaven on earth discovering that life is an eternal present where you constantly create your own reality becoming a healer in your own life and then extending it to others, plan, concretize and realize financial success balancing the material with the spiritual , finding God in the energy of money without turning money into a false idol; study the laws that govern money. They are professionally carried out through all large economic companies, such as bankers, corporate lawyers, business advisors, everything related to the area of ​​health, doctors, nursing, dietitians, educational psychologists, dentistry, laboratories, scientific research, masseurs, in all related to new age alternative medicine, quantum medicine, acupuncture, flower therapies, homeopathy, aromatherapy, music therapy, hydrotherapy, healing through the hands, in any position, company or business that involves perseverance, long-term support.


(Essentially people born on the ninth, eighteenth, and twenty-seventh of each month)

The key word of this number is Realization, the individual comes to achieve his realization, his maximum projection at all levels, in all aspects of his personal, family, professional life, total realization that involves his physical, productive, emotional areas, recreational, social, creative and spiritual, reaching its maximum capacity and performance on the profound material, intellectual, loving and spiritual plane, it is love in its third manifestation since we are in the presence of three times three, in three we find social love of neighbor , in the six the love of God, in the nine it is LOVE with capital letters in all its splendor, in all its manifestation, it is the impersonal love of which the Master Jesus The Christ spoke to us, the nine is a love that accepts everything, that he understands everyone, he does not make judgments about people, situations or things, he is perceptive, he has a perception of the subtle that it is impossible to deceive him, sensitive, clairvoyant, they learn with great ease because of their gra n ability to capture, they love research, frank, quiet, constant, they say things with diplomacy without ever harming anyone, noble, altruistic, charitable, they are very calm, nothing and no one alters or disturbs their inner peace, they speak in tone soft and low expressing their internal harmony, they forgive with great ease since they accept everyone as they are, observers, they never miss a detail, visuals that care a lot about the visible and invisible harmony of their environment, visionaries , idealists, they live internally in their own ideal world, charming, friendly, generous people in everything, arriving economically at not knowing how to manage their money well since the economic thing is never their main interest, sentimental and affectionate, in their way, often little understood anymore that transmit love through a deep, enveloping gaze, being unusual that they use the word or touch.

When the number nine is negativized we find a person who is the exact opposite of their positive characteristics, they become superficial, banal, wrong in their way of seeing reality because they lose depth, narrow mind, coarse, they neglect their physical appearance, they they are disoriented, they become bitter, stubborn, they seem tough, they speak for speaking, despairing of all those around them, naive people who confuse "being like children" with ignorance, trying to appear innocent, indiscreet, untimely, gossip, inconsistent, incoherent, inconsistent, change their minds. opinion over and over again, they do not catch hints, insensitive, abrupt and sharp, they shout and are easily altered, reckless, they do not keep a confidence, ostentatious, wasteful, suspicious, sentimental, bitter, they only think of themselves, they lack social sensitivity since they do not care about the pain of others.


It comes to fulfillment in all areas of life, to make things concrete, to learn to finish everything that they begin, to achieve success in everything they undertake, to do things well done, to be profound, consistent, coherent, to develop love and tolerance towards your neighbor, to be compassionate, to develop altruism, to let go of judgment on people, attitudes and beliefs, to see things in their subtlest, deepest aspects, they come to learn assuming their own learning, to to have agility in the learning processes, not to take so long to analyze and integrate new concepts into their lives, to realize noble ideals. At the professional level, it fulfills its mission when it reaches fulfillment in the economic area that it chooses to perform, especially when it is related to creating benefits for large numbers of people, everything related to social assistance, organizations that include philanthropic or educational plans, the area of education and pedagogy in general, writer, labor lawyer in unions of workers, social communicators and, finally, everything in which achievement, projection and benefit of humanity are obtained.


(In essence people born on the tenth, nineteenth, and twenty-eighth of each month)

The number ten is characterized by the word Totality, they are all or nothing, one extreme or another very clearly determined since for those born under this vibration there are no middle terms, they represent perfection, internal and external strength, they are great teachers they are at the top of all things they undertake, he is the Great Leader par excellence, influencing others with his imposing charismatic and magnetic personality, they possess great initiative they are "the arrowhead" that marks the path of good for their fellow men, brave, worthy, individualists who do not need anyone's help, do their own things, determined who always make quick and correct decisions, bold, daring who know no limits of any kind, are capable of everything and do it with great ability , high self-esteem, have great self-confidence, project great strength and positive energy around them, they are always recognized in the world for their merits, they never go away Received, powerful, loved or hated, respected or feared, but never ignored, they overcome all obstacles, which only represent an additional stimulus for them, they triumph loudly against the adverse since they never do anything small but always in style, victorious over Excellence, once success is achieved, they always need to do new things, since they are the initiators of numerology and routine makes them lose their strength. They were born to project and carry out transcendent things, to be great in all aspects.

When a ten is negativized, the Totality completely falls apart. Nothing, a ten cannot afford to be in negative since it totally loses its strength, it is self-destructive but harmless to others, because its ability to summon to influence the Furthermore, it is as if it literally went out, they stop radiating, they become aggressive, cynical, scathing, they manifest great internal violence, they become physically violent, superiority complex, excessive ambition for power, but they contradict themselves easily; they decay in any situation, they isolate themselves, they feel unworthy, little deserving, they become cowards, fearful before the challenges, they believe themselves incapable, they become insensitive and indecisive, costing them a lot even the smallest decision, they paralyze as if they had been thrown out " roots of fear ", vengeful, relentless, do not hesitate to annihilate whoever crosses their path, never listen to advice from anyone.


It is up to them to find their internal and external strength, to learn to have initiative, to become pioneers, to open new paths, to become an "arrowhead", "to be a spearhead" in everything they undertake, it is up to them to initiate great and prosperous projects, develop self-confidence and self-confidence, learn to love yourself by developing your self-esteem, your self-love, finding and expanding your own value, internally finding your source of power, your inner sustaining force and producer of all good. Professionally, it is their responsibility to start and direct projects, to be at the forefront of work groups, to lead the beginnings of any type of company or economic challenge, especially if it is about macro projects since their learning consists of encompassing big things, for example pilots of international routes, especially those that represent a challenge or that are about to start; military, publicists, everything that has to do with marketing, seller of massive products opening new markets, inventor in any area: social, political, economic, artistic or spiritual.


(In essence the person born on the eleventh and twenty-ninth of each month)

When the number eleven is positivized it represents the SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS, the supra-consciousness in all its manifestations, they have the consciousness of the integration of the whole in themselves, people with this vibration include connection, realization, perception, totality, they are one with the whole , is to see in a human being unity in consciousness, we are in the presence of beings far above the common human denominator, since they are loving, with a fluid, instinctive and sustained relationship with the Creator, eleven is the peak of numbers ; Very compassionate people by nature, perfectionists who seek and find perfection in everything they do, in everyone around them, especially in people (starting with themselves as they are self-demanding), they learn from everything and everyone that for them each situation, person or circumstance is an opportunity to carry out an apprenticeship, they are the total accomplishment of the apprenticeship, they come to culminate the apprenticeship therefore it is important that they stay next to a single guru, of a single teacher to not scatter, they are observers of each situation acting as in the third person, looking from the top, very high vibration that makes them almost ethereal, soft in their voice, in their gestures, manners and attitudes in general, they exert a strong almost magnetic attraction in everything what surrounds them because of their inner beauty, they balance everything around them with their mere presence, they are aware of their previous reincarnations, so every situation that comes their way Sit takes it as an opportunity to grow in love by consciously closing the pending calculations of past lives, rectifying past mistakes through forgiveness.

When an eleven is in negative it becomes unconscious, it attracts conflicts like a magnet, since it is the number that brings more past lives it also has a greater amount of karma, a greater number of negative effects to face and resolve from this life and from previous ones, They become selfish, dissatisfied, they always want more in all situations or relationships, they demand perfection in others, projecting their own deficiencies, negativities and imperfections, inconsistent especially in love relationships, it is very difficult to live with them at the traditional couple level because They are afraid of commitment and everything that can deprive them of their freedom, tense, rebellious, they live stressed, worried about superficial, banal things, they are excessively occupied by their physical appearance, neglecting their internal evolution; Materialistic, suffering, they feel betrayed by all finding reasons to distrust every moment, finding "ghosts" where there is none.


The person comes to reach in all the supra brings back to consciousness, to be realized spiritually in global, integral form, it is the integration of the learning in all its reaches so this planet school will provide all the subjects and exams necessary to transcend man and become superman, objective that people with this number eleven on mission will achieve if they decide to face the situations that arise not as problems or punishments, but as what are really "partial exams" in the final stretch of learning towards Consciousness. They are asked to assume their own transformation, to achieve their total internal integration, reasoning associating in perfect complementation with intuition; it is important that they be able to hold the masculine or feminine gender with which they have incarnated achieving the integration of their internal aspects yin and yang, masculine and feminine, to transcend the structures of the ego and reach the Fullness of the Higher Self within themselves. They must follow their dreams, materialize their ideals materially, always looking for a benefit that includes humanity and not just a benefit on a personal level, it is up to them to inspire others through their own realization, to achieve their mission they must be attentive to internal voice, to intuition, to be obedient to the internal visions you receive in your life. You can choose any professional area you want, always doing "Transcendent Consciousness".


"Knowing the meaning of each of the numbers, we now know that each number vibrates in a particular way, representing and favoring specific circumstances or conditions; knowing that you are free to carry out any activity and at any time, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the vibration specific that gives you individually each day, which represents experiencing a greater harmony with the natural rhythm of life.

There are times when certain activities and behaviors are more harmonious than others, when you feel like doing specific things like meditating, starting a business, sharing with friends, or simply accommodating your home; When you know what the personalized numbers suggest, you become sensitive to that inner impulse that connects you at every moment with the natural harmony that makes your life work. Whenever you make the most of the vibration of each day, you are flowing with the beat of the universe and spontaneously only the best happens for you.

With the entry of each new year we also receive a magical vibration that lasts a year, and which we are going to call the Universal Year (whose duration is the current year). This vibration applies to all beings that populate the Earth.



To calculate the number that corresponds to each year, we are going to add the four digits of the current year, for example, this year 2008 is calculated by adding 2 + 0 + 0 + 8 = 10, we reduce it until we have a single digit 1 + 0 = 1, the day that tells us that 2008 is a Universal Year 1: The year that welcomes everything new, innovative. It is time to clean the Earth, to choose and plant the best seed.


It is the number that corresponds to each of us individually; It is calculated based on the Universal year to which we will add the day and Month of your Birth (the year you were born in this calculation is not taken into account). For example: if your birthday is November 20, add:

20 (for the day of birth)

+11 (for the month of birth)

1 (for the Universal Year)


32 = 3 + 2 = 5 (Personal Year)

The number 5 is the one that corresponds to you for the year 2008 as your personal year.



Year Number One

(Includes the Master of Number 10)

Red color

Stone: Ruby

Key Word: Beginnings

Every time a year UNO is presented in a latent form, the vibration of the number ten is always present, remembering that it represents the force to initiate as well as the totality in everything that is projected. This is the year for the sower, to start projects, to lay the foundations that will support the construction of the future, it is the birth of plans, ideas, it is the year that welcomes everything new, innovative. It is a favorable time to meet people, to start new friends, to meet new countries or cities. It is time to clean the earth, to choose and plant the best seed, knowing that everything that is sown during the year, like the human pregnancy process, will see the light, for the next nine years, especially at the end of the cycle , is the planting year for tomorrow. It is prudent to sow with the farmer's patience, knowing that the seed takes its evolutionary process to germinate. Draw a clear and defined path from the start of your project. Plan with love and organization the development of what you hope to achieve in This nine-year cycle and work with love from its creation. Be authentic and responsible, take the creative process decisively and do it without associations of any kind, neither with other people nor with institutions; the key is independence and freedom.

Year Number Two


Stone: Carnelian

Key Word: Patience


What was planted in year 1 is waiting to be born. This is a year of waiting, the seed is in its process of being born, but it still lacks maturity. After all the effort of the initiating year you have earned the warrior's rest, your body and spirit deserve peace and tranquility. It is time to cultivate. Get organized, plan carefully, spend time on the details. Study and acquire knowledge. Practice courtesy, especially, use in every situation a lot of delicacy and tact. Group commitments, working in society and everything that represents bringing together a team that works for a common good are auspicious. It is time to cooperate. To know how to listen patiently and advise wisely without interfering in individual processes. You will receive everything that serves your inner growth. Be observant, learn to "read between the lines". Endless opportunities are directed towards you. It is a special year for love relationships.

Year Number Three

Yellow color

Stone: Topaz

Key Word: Positivity

This is a year for total enjoyment, for finding continued reasons for fun. It is a year to heal your inner child; to laugh, celebrate, celebrate. Everything that was sown in year one begins to bear fruit. Believe in yourself, in your inner divinity.

Trust in the loving process of life that sustains you permanently. Discover your FAITH internally. Birth is a fact. Harmony is perceived at all levels of manifestation and you are especially aware of it. Love is in everything around you.

It is time for social life, to play with friends and to do everything that gives you pleasure. Celebrate and celebrate life and all of creation - plan and attend parties, gatherings, and recreational events of all kinds. Give yourself an hour every day for enjoyment, make each weekend a mini vacation and plan the most beautiful vacation of your life.

An aura of joy, art and celebration surrounds you. Express your creativity with all the strength of your being. Enjoy, sing, laugh, dance and enjoy and spread joy wherever you are. This year will be a permanent joy.

Year Number Four

Green color

Stone. Emerald

Key Word: Common Sense

It is time to return to work, the break of year three, a year of vacation, has ended; care must be taken of the delicate stems of the seeds that sprout sweetly from mother earth. It is time to water, fumigate, protect ... This year calls us to reflection, it is time to be productive and organized. It is time to be alert, to take advantage of time to its full extent: minimum effort, maximum benefit. Divine Order is important to achieve triumph. Life calls us to be careful, punctual, yielding, good administrators.

Self-discipline yourself, establish your own schedules and assume with you the commitment to comply with them. Make a permanent inventory in all the Areas of your life, discard everything that you do not use, that does not suit you or that has lost its validity: objects, people, ideas, places, memories ... Find that job that you love to do and if not You have it, love and be grateful for what you have to open the space to the purpose of your life.


Avoid laziness and lazy people. Carry out all work with joy and joy. Retrieve your life energy every day from every person, idea or situation you relate to through possession. Take care of your diet, your physical appearance. Do sports. You are building for the future, so give your best at every moment.

Solve your problem This year in the Only way there is: Tackling them with courage. The reward that awaits you is great. Be consistent and above all consistent. Everything is perfect in your world.

Year Number Five

Color blue

Stone: Turquoise

Key Word: Freedom

There is a scent of change and freedom in the air. The sown continues to grow. After the love delivery of year four, you have earned a well-deserved vacation in style. Life invites you to let go of what is known, to seek emotion, to rediscover the passion for life, take out of your life everything that represents routine. Say hello to new ideas. This is a year that brings you the energy of renewal. It makes you change your outfit inside and out. Do a total renovation of your wardrobe.

Dare to everything you have never dared. Give yourself permission to be different. Experience the enjoyment of life, of the simple thing. It is a perfect year to learn new things: a new language, a musical instrument or to dare to live in another country or city where no one knows you. Consciously search for changes in all areas of your life. Find old friends and discover the new people they have become and enjoy it fully. It is a year of magical surprises. Don't fall asleep, stay active. This is a wonderful year.

Year Number Six

Navy colour

Stone: Sapphire

Key Word: Responsibility

This is a year for family gathering, it is time for home, for groups, and for friends. Everything we have sown is finally flourishing thanks to the loving care we have given it. Make your home your power center. Your refuge safe, turn it into the place where you recharge energy. Show responsibility in everything you do. Avoid judgment about people, situations, places or things. Be fair and impartial with everything and everyone. Accept your responsibility with love. Maintain material things and discard what is useless, without attachments. This year is the best year to consolidate relationships, to establish relationships, to marry. This is an ideal year to change houses. Music is the perfect setting for all the beautiful things you are achieving. Lovingly nurture your friendly relationships and selectively integrate them into your home. Study the universal laws and make them part of your life. Assume that the life you have is your own creation and if you don't like it, make the necessary internal adjustments to perfect it. Be constant in the projects you start.

Close the pending circles, especially do not leave unfinished love circles.

Everything you do for the good of the community will more than benefit you. Support your friends, listen to them, advise them with love and wisdom from the space of your heart. Be supportive, loving, partner. This is a year to give yourself to others. Only by giving is received, the more the glass is emptied, the more opportunities exist to return more to the Source, make the Source always be the Creator. It is a year of dedication through love and forgiveness.


Year Number Seven

Color. Violet

Stone: Amethyst

Key Word: Transmutation

This is a spiritual year of inner knowledge. The seedlings are beginning to bear their small fruits and only faith achieves the miracle that they all grow and mature.

It is a time for spiritual retreat, for long and deep meditations. It is time to evaluate what has been learned, what has been achieved, study and internally integrate this knowledge. It is important to delve into the true reality, our reality as Sons of the Creator, made in his image and likeness; it is the wonder of finding the richness of the wonderful world within us.

It is a year to go to find the answers to the questions that perhaps we have not even asked ourselves, it is time to look inside, towards the heart, towards that place that has always kept the knowledge of all ages. Use loneliness to grow, to find and discover yourself. Reflect on your thoughts, your belief systems, and the consequences you have created through each of your actions.

The key question is: How do you decide to BE from now on? What concrete steps are you going to take to achieve the higher Purpose that made you incarnate in this school called planet Earth?

A year seven always delivers answers from a higher level. This is a year for internal growth and integration with your Higher Self, with the "Great Presence of God that I AM". Let yourself flow with life. Find answers to the love of God that sustains you. This is not a business year. Get away This year of social life and try to travel to broaden your horizons and get to know yourself better. This is a spiritual year and your fulfillment is also on a spiritual level that will bring consequences on all planes of manifestation. Dedicate yourself to cultivate and find the best of yourself.

Year Number Eight

Pink color

Stone: Diamond

Key Word: Success

This is a year of Success. It is time to harvest. As above, so below, the treasures of heaven descend to earth and manifest materially. That which you sowed with Love eight years ago. It is ripe. Show the world what you have created, fully enjoy your creative power.

This year connects you with your ability to materialize, especially at an economic level, it is time for business and everything related to the material world. Make your best professional performance and get ready to enjoy the opulence you have generated with your work, without effort. Go in search of THAT which you want, follow that impulse that beats in your heart and give yourself to it, it is a commercial year in which the dreams that the heart dictates come true. It corresponds to you to be the Manager of your life, of the personal Company in which you are a partner with the Creator. Make the Beings of Light: Masters, Angels and Cosmic Beings, be your business partners. It is a year to have "your eyes in heaven and your feet firmly planted on the ground." Show your efficiency and look for quality in every aspect of your life. This is a year for excellence. Act with confidence and you will achieve great achievements at the socio-economic level. Business trips are especially well-regarded. This is a year of triumphs. Enjoy them.

The Number Nine

Color: All Rainbow Colors

Stone: Opal

Metal: Gold

Key Word: Realization

At last the time has come to reap what is sown; It is a time of fulfillment, satisfaction and fulfillment, the cycle that started in year one has been completed, however, there is still a harvest to harvest.

It is a year in which we are preparing to make an inventory of all that has been achieved, it is time for purification, cleaning, what is going to be conserved is separated and we thankfully hand over everything that is no longer useful to us. It is the moment when everything is reviewed, an inventory is made, an evaluation is made and everything that is no longer useful in your life is discarded: people, yearnings, places, ideas and things. If something is over, let it go, let it go with love, in peace, don't hold on. Many things will fulfill their life cycle during this year, bless them and let them go in order to create spaces for the new and wonderful that will come next year.

Become aware of all the fullness and happiness that exists around you. It is a year of total achievement, of meeting objectives. Do not start new things and much less in the love space because it will be short-lived. Show your greatness of heart, be broad, tolerant, accept each one as he decides to be and above all forgive others and yourself, for the task of love and forgiveness begins with ourselves. Love This year is an Impersonal Love like the Compassionate Love of the Master of Masters: Jesus the Christ, a comprehensive love that is shared with all those who come one way or another to your life. Accept that each human being is a unique piece in itself and at the same time is an essential piece of the whole that we form as humanity; together we reach the Creator, separated we will never reach Him because we are formed as a single unit. In This year nine the circle has closed, open your heart to the beautiful cycle that full of promises and surprises begins next year.

Year Number 11/2

White color

Stone: White Pearl

Key Word: Consciousness

This is a year with a master number that is 11/2. The number eleven represents Mastery on Earth, it is a year to shine with a Radiant Sun, to release the habit, the daily routine. It is time to meet your true Inner Being and fully integrate it into your life in full consciousness. The time has come to be one with your Inner Christ, with that Divinity that lives in you, that you are yourself. Study everything related to your spiritual reality. It is a year in which Universal Brotherly Love predominates over Personal Love. Defend your right to be in peace and harmony. Begin each day addressing the Creator with a deep feeling of love and gratitude, more with a feeling than with words. "Let nothing and nobody alter my spiritual peace during this day, thank you Father because I know that this is given." By being at peace with yourself, all paths open, all planes of manifestation materialize, become concrete. It is not a year for business, but being spiritually well, everything economic is solved in addition, with simple and practical solutions. Reach and uphold your highest ideals, live and act on them. Recognition of your work is on the way whenever you surrender without expecting a reward in return.


It is time to flourish within, to attain enlightenment and fulfillment on a spiritual level.

Year Number 22/4

Coral color

Stone: Red Coral

Copper metal

Key Word: Mastery

Another master number is 4/22. Number 22 is mastery for heaven and earth. By transcending the vibration of the four you reach greatness, the higher realization. Humanity waits for you, it is your time to dedicate yourself to great projects, for the benefit of the masses, by concentrating your love and energy on great plans for the benefit of many, your projects will triumph and your divine plan will be fulfilled naturally and smoothly , thanks to your generosity and ability to deliver.

This year represents at all levels a cosmic opportunity to carry out great projects that benefit many. The whole prevails over the parts. Dedicate yourself to something that is valuable and transcendent. Make the most of your inner power. This is a year that comes rarely and represents a great opportunity, take advantage of it!


Omkin Kay (Excerpt from the Book)

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