The interest in unraveling the mystery of emotions dates back to the very beginning of the human civilization. Well or badly managed, the emotions are the daughters of life and not a few times, according to Vincent Van Gogh, “capitanean our existence and we follow them without realizing it”.

His darker side gives the face, precisely, when we obey and we let ourselves drag by the immense energy they generate. God creates us with emotions, but it is up to us to manage them, handle them with wisdom and guide the force that trigger to please the most positive and beautiful that we long for in life.
Emotions influence on the three components that define the existence of the human being: the body, the mental and the spiritual. The level of inner peace and well-being depends on a lot of the control that we exercise over them. When we dominate, triggers chemical reactions in the body that damage both physical health and mental. On the spiritual level, the more complex —anger, fear, hatred— leave traces that tend to thin the happiness.
Says the Dalai Lama that “emotions are mental states, and the only method to manage them must come from within”. “They are born by external influences, but after that they are in, is up to you to encourage them to favor their own interests or suffer from anal fissures and let us dominate”.
Human beings are designed to create them, use them or suffer them, but never to avoid them. This justifies, of course, the eternal interest of man to unravel its secrets. In my book “The illiterate " emotional”, which has just been published, I go into the world of emotions and attempt to reveal their characteristics and the negative consequences that cause when we escape from the hands.
I would emphasize the importance of educating ourselves emotionally, to detect the arrival of an emotion and identify it. Also have the ability to gerenciarla and direct all of their momentum in favour of our purposes. Being led by the first impulse, is not helpful. It is a symptom of illiteracy emotional that makes us vulnerable, in the midst of this reality that is rigorous, sometimes foolish, that we live in. Again I invite you to reflection.
by: Ismael Cala - ismaelcala.com
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