"Intuition is a sacred gift and reason its faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift"

Albert Einstein.

It is curious to observe how neuroscience is now beginning to confirm issues that until just over 20 years ago were considered absurd or esoteric. According to current neuroscientists - and I just think Punset is writing - intuition, so despised and criticized throughout history, is much more reliable when it comes to making decisions and directing our behavior than rational and logical thinking. Our behavior is governed more by emotional and intuitive issues than by pure logical rationality.

As a consequence of the inertia of the old paradigm in which, "if science says so, it must be so", we continue waiting for science to verify certain things to dare to experience them. For those of us who have experienced it, on the other hand, we observe that science, as it is, can never achieve art and the knowledge that comes from experience. That is why new integrating scientific paradigms are emerging that highlight the role of experience, emotions and feeling as an integrating channel for knowledge.

Intuition, today, is being very well studied by neuroscience. They have already located the brain area responsible for intuitive thinking (right hemisphere in sync with the left), they have already registered the different brain waves that occur when we enter different states of consciousness, they have already begun to implement programs for the development of these skills. .. and the thing continues. ButWhat is intuition?


Classically speaking of intuition asaccess to accurate knowledge without any rational processing mediation. It is a knowledge that comes without knowing how you know it. Carl Jung was perhaps one of the first to speak and study the intuitive domain - which he called supramental - as the primary source of archetypal wisdom. The truth isintuition is intimately linked to the human being's ability to perceive the most subtle and energetic aspect of reality. Intuition encompasses and encompasses abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clarestesia, abilities that arise as a consequence of integrating our deep SELF with our superficial ego (ego).

"Everything that exists is wrapped in a field of vital and creative energy that gives it meaning and the human being has the proper senses to access this subtler reality, interpret the information here and convey it appropriately, finding new creative responses and generative that promote the development and evolution of human knowledge "

Intuition is directly related to the evolution of human consciousness.

 "As the human being moves his perceptual level from the external sensory senses, in charge of perceiving and allowing us to relate to physical reality, towards the inner senses, more subtle senses that allow us to relate to that greater and transcendent reality that surrounds us and that we are, we are finding new ways of being and being and new adaptive responses are emerging that drive the very evolution of human creativity. "

Intuition is the vehicle capable of integrating both realities, the exterior and the interior, within a broader and more coherent perceptual framework where to recover the sense of sacredness for life and from where to begin to express new adaptive responses and behavior of a high level.Intuition is related to that eternal part of our consciousness, the soul and it is a channel that allows us to connect with our source of inner wisdom, with our highest creative power, mobilizing the infinite number of resources and archetypal energies that are present within us .

Intuition has different degrees of depth. We in our school have divided in a didactic waythree levels of intuitive development.

Hefirst levelit has to do more with the body, with presence and with the state of alert attention. This first level is awakened by activating and stimulating our physical senses, the five sensory senses that allow us to interact with the environment, with physical reality. Intuition is intimately linked to our instincts and more or less follows an impulsive principle that pushes us to act automatically in the presence of certain stimuli. The first step in beginning to function more intuitively at this level is to begin to relate to reality causally rather than casually.When we dare to modify our beliefs and experience that nothing that happens to us is due to chance but to synchrony, we begin to relate in another way to this mystery that we call life.. The belief in chance is a belief that takes away power. It puts us in a victim situation, of mere puppets, thus losing the possibility of fully enjoying life. But if we dare to change this basic belief for a new one, such as"nothing is by chance, everything has a meaning for my life"We are reclaiming our co-creative power from reality.If nothing is accidental, everything that happens to us responds to a why. This why sets us in direction, activates our internal and external resources and invites us to flow with life, being attentive to the signs it shows us, guiding us on the easiest path for our development. This first intuitive level corresponds to our most animal nature and has instincts as faithful allies for the conservation and evolutionary development of our life.

The best tool to activate this first intuitive level is physical movement. Tribal dances, movement dance, intuitive contact dance,Biodanzaand fundamentallyIndanzaThey are the most appropriate integrative tools to start activating our sensitivity towards life, our instincts and our intuition.

Hesecond level of intuitive developmentit implies a quantum leap in the nature of our perception. It involves going beyond the physical aspect to delve into the most emotional and energetic aspect of existence. In this second level emotional intelligence naturally emerges, that ability that we have to perceive our emotions, our feelings and the emotions and feelings of others. Empathy, the ability to distinguish and discern between what is mine and what is of the other, emotional management, temperance, serenity are aspects that are awakened when developing this second intuitive level. At this level the transformation and integration of our most human nature arises, our ego. And associated with the ego it is necessary to talk about the concept of shadow.


The shadow is the emotionally dense aspect, associated with our ego (although also and in part associated with our soul) that we carry as a consequence of the evolution of our life as souls. The shadow is that "unconscious" part that conditions our behavior and that is generated not only in the experiences we have in this life but also in our previous experience as souls. There are shadows that form in this life, in our primary experiences at birth (proto-survivals) or during our development, and there are other shadows that come from our family lineage and our evolutionary history throughout many lives. To develop second-level emotional and intuitive intelligence it is essential to dispel the shadow, transform that shadow to allow the light of the soul or our deepest consciousness to unify and integrate with our ego, with our personality. We call this process of"efficient suffering"and it is, in itself, tremendously transformational because it opens us to a new, more transparent identity on our most transcendent side. It supposes an authentic existential renewal and a deep opening of our hearts.This process leads us to re-member who we are and what we are here for. (Re-Cordar comes from re = return and cordar = cardio = heart)The dissolution of our shadow allows us to see without filters, totally open to the information and the energy that constantly flows, both in our relationship with ourselves and with others and with the universe, with the multidimensional reality of our consciousness.This brings us to the third level of intuitive development.


Third level intuitionit implies a constant relationship with our nature as souls.It supposes an integrative leap with our third nature, our divine and eternal nature. Somehow we begin to be clear channels of the intelligence of life, heroes of our own creations, of our own reality. By fully identifying with our profound reality, that reality that is beyond forms, an energy of love, peace and compassion begins to flow through us. It isthe end of fear. At this level of development, capacities that were formerly extrasensory calls begin to activate, but which reallythey are full and multidimensional sensory capacities. Our inner senses go one step further and we begin to perceive deeper aspects of the creative matrix of life. We can travel through time, we can perceive beings from other dimensions of consciousness, we can communicate with the guides, with the spirits, with the elements of nature .... Somehow the shaman, the magician, the warrior of light , the teacher, the healer, the inner Christ, the inner Buddha ... reveal themselves, reveal themselves, awaken in the center of our hearts and unconditional service towards life and its expressions arises. Clairvoyance, telepathy, multidimensional communication, bilocation, astral travel ... become feasible and possible possibilities. Here the real path really begins. At this third level we simply ARE and do what flows from our hearts. As Joseph Cambell would say, this third level represents the path of the hero.


All this path or process supposes a transformational regeneration of our human identity. The evolutionary trend of life is towards this third level.Children who have been born in this last decade already come with these qualities

This simple example briefly explains the process of human evolution. From an identification with the forms to an identification beyond the forms, we are all called to travel this narrow path, crossing our shadow with confidence and faith in order to know what light really is. And all this happens beyond words, beyond our tendency to think and understand intellectually what happens to us.


developed intuitively but if we do not give them sufficient harmonic space and educate them consciously and intentionally for the proper handling of these gifts they can block these capacities and fall into situations of risk for their development.
Once again it's about"feel to know"



Written by Jorge Santana Valentín.


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