El verdadero camino hacia la luz se encuentra dentro de cada uno

The true path to light lies within each one

Whoever understands that being here on this plane is nothing more than a wonderful learning opportunity, is already on the way, and this has as its fundamental purpose that each human being discovers who He is.
However, when the above has not taken place, that is, when a vast understanding of the mysteries of life with its infinite possibilities and teachings has not been acquired, the individual is far from freeing himself and is actually creating new concepts. Expectations, drawing your own conclusions between what you really are and how little you know about your deep identity, and consequently taking steps based on an incomplete identity, the one that actually made your mind.
The human being has developed, through the passage of the Earth, many paths, but it is really important to understand that, in each step he takes, he finds an infinity of alternatives that life presents him, some that will not lead him to delve into himself and others that if they will allow him to open his mind and heart, as long as he understands each of the signs that come from above, because it is the only way he learns, then the main path that Life has formed is formed prepared to offer the individual the knowledge that, protected by love, constitutes the seed of true wisdom.
It is necessary to learn to identify what leads to progress, grow internally and achieve something transcendental, because there really is the only thing we must know to advance in this system of things, and it is simply what arises from Love.
Only the Love that is beyond words comes to enlighten man on Earth as the main base. However, love has become a concept that has strayed from its true definition, and tends to be mistakenly related to emotions, unaware that love is the natural way, in which reality is cohesive with existing, which gives it bases and sustains universal creation.
Whoever finds in his own nature everything he needs to know, will begin a stage in which he will be able to stop labeling, naming or classifying the situations of life and transform them into material loaded with universal truths that he will take advantage of to recover his power, because he will not find ways to conceptualize the totality of what exists, because he will find in himself a reflection of everything he calls reality and he will not be able to define the Absolute Unity.
It is more meritorious for man to know his own heart first of all, than the accumulation of knowledge based on concepts, without first having found in his own depths that which separates him from his own essence and from everything that conditions him to be chained already. remain trapped in your cherished darkness of which you are not aware.
It is more valuable that you first check through the knowledge of your own Being that dwells within, before assuming and of course, that which you do not yet know, trying to intellectualize what you receive from without, without opening the door where the Light that guides him.
In reality, there is nothing outside that can be Truth and that is called authentic spirituality, than that light that has been discovered inside, as a first step.
In this pilgrimage you can access great knowledge externally, complex diagrams on how things work and how you should have contact with the divine, but if you have not experienced or verified it internally with full responsibility and discipline, what "Learn" may not be exact.
Accepting what we perceive through the senses, without being prepared to use before the indispensable sieve provided by having traveled without fear, the path of true interior learning of love, which is taught from within, does not mean that it is already found on the path.
It will not be possible to change the inner light that shines, by the brightness that arises from minds, before being prepared to accept as long as each is his own master of discernment. That is, knowing when something resonates inside, and not to confuse it with something that actually resonates in the mind, which is ultimately, what is associated with the system of concepts and ideas.
Therefore, the only path is Love and the teacher is in every heart, so the teaching is within it, as the will allows us to clear the path of awakening. Then little by little it will be possible to access the infinite wisdom found in the depths of each Being, in which, above all, it is necessary to know that what comes by external means, are instructions that complement or deflect light.
. Manifesting obedience to the Inner Being and establishing communication with the higher worlds allows access to the wisdom that is obtained with one's own internal work first, from its own roots, and not from others. In certain circumstances it is good to know how to listen and keep external knowledge, but we must never doubt that the Universal Truth is much more harmonious than any kind of human teaching and, therefore, has endowed a heart where what has been deposited that, at the moment, will allow access to the truth that is hidden in something as simple and at the same time as great as when the sun emerges in dawn. Answers and the spiritual path are within each Being
By Marisol Garrido

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