Escucha tu voz interior cuando intenta decirte algo

Listen to your inner voice when it tries to tell you something

Many times for being very practical and rational, we downplay those messages that come from the most essential of our being to prevent us, alert us and suggest routes to take. Sometimes we can feel that we are paranoid and distrustful, but only when we learn to unleash that communication is when we realize the wisdom that is in that contained voice.

Intuition is associated with the way the soul has to manifest itself before what we should avoid and what we should try, as we learn to listen to its messages, we open that channel of communication, being able to access it whenever it is necessary.

Intuition will make us feel the energy in the face of experiences and we will feel that: "I don't know what", "I can't explain this, but ...", "everything looks good, but there is something that doesn't quite fit me", "that person he has something that… ”,“ I don't know him, but he gives me confidence… ”,“ maybe he is wrong, but something inside me pushes me to… ”and with all these messages and many others of that style, we will feel that we must move away or get closer to someone or something.

In general, we will not be able to justify or specifically argue why we are loaded with certain feelings, let alone having made a decision based on intuition, but we will generally realize that hearing that voice was the best we could have done.

Now, the only obstacle in this process, is that our mind and its manifestation as ego, also has a similar little voice, that can limit us, that can spread fear in us, that can make us feel insecure, in order to keep us in our comfort zone, where little changes, where everything is under control ... How to distinguish it? Through practice, the evaluation of results and especially the peace that characterizes having listened to our intuition, versus the anxiety that our dramatic mind carries with it.

The energies are felt, perceived, when we feel that we reject for no apparent or explainable reason a situation, a place or a person, we do not give so many turns to the matter, we are perceiving something that makes us react, move away or be very cautious. Let us not underestimate that ability to feel the world, beyond logic, what is tangible and demonstrable.

We are spiritual beings, but generally we do not take much advantage of that evolution that we have cycle after cycle accumulating. When in doubt, just close your eyes and feel the way to go. If you get used to doing it, you will live exactly the experiences you need, you will learn what is necessary and you will save yourself from going through them again.

Don't let the noises of others' opinions silence your own inner voice. And, most importantly, have the courage to do what your heart and intuition tell you. - Steve Jobs ”


-Sara Mirror-

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