Esta Carta te hará reflexionar y ver la vida de otra manera

This Letter will make you reflect and see life differently



Someone very special sends a moving letter that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Dear human,

If you are reading this letter right now, I want to give you the news that you are very lucky. Among millions and millions of stars, galaxies and planets, you are here, at this very moment, and you have the possibility to read, to laugh, to cry, to love, and to live. Not all sets of atoms have that luck, and not even me.

I could not create you as a perfect being, nor as a divine being, but I gave you soul and conscience, I made you a free being.

I am here to help you fulfill your dreams. But you will have to be aware of what you ask me: sow peace and tranquility in your mind, and I will give it to you. Your actions, thoughts and words are the mirror of what I will return to you a hundred times more.

I want to give you some advice. They are not orders, but if you listen, you will appreciate. Loves a lot and always loves, but remember that love is not about possession but about appreciating, admiring, sharing and feeling. Remember that in order to love other beings you must first love yourself, just as you are.

Let go of hatred, injustice, racism, materialism. Feed your soul with art, with music. Eat every day with what you love to do, get to know the world, travel. Remember that you are part of me just as I am part of you. If you feed your soul you will also feed mine and we will achieve that great balance.

Dear human, I will make you fall several times, and you may think that I have let you down, but you should know that I do it so that you learn to get up stronger.

I will fill you with tears on several occasions, with sadness, but remember that at the end of that great darkness there will always be a light for you.

Throughout your life I will take away some of your close brothers, but do not worry, remember that everything has a purpose, death is only an extension of life, they do not die, they just become the essence and energy of the universe, the same one that you breathe every day.

Human, you are never alone. When you sit down just remember that I am here, I see you and I feel you. It would be very difficult to give you a physical form of my whole being, but I have given you bits of my soul, I have given you a moon that you can contemplate every night, the stars, the sun; I have given you flowers; I have given you a perfect nature, your mother nature.

She is called Pachamama, Gaia, and you must take care of her, love and respect her, learn from her because she is wise.

I did not make the religions, nor the ideologies that only act completely in my opposite, separating people and classifying them. I created free beings.

So you are free to give me the shape you want. It can be that of a God, that of an ideology, that of a divinity, you can simply not believe in me.

It is very difficult to reveal my secrets, the history of my creation and my purpose. I just wish you take advantage of this second that I have given you in all my history, that you live to the fullest each day that I give you.

Please make me remember you, leave your mark as a human in this beautiful story of the universe.


The universe

PS: Remember that every action you do with your heart will have echoes throughout the universe.


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Me encanta


Me encanta



Caty Calafat

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