Introvertidos y Espiritualidad

Introverts and Spirituality

Why do introverts tend to be highly spiritual?

Many people within the spiritual and metaphysical genres are introverted and walk the way for answers.

They are more likely to understand the principle of unity and to know that we are all connected on a deeper level than the extrovert, who only seeks physical approval and please everyone equally.

Introverts tend to use the right side of their brain and are often artists, poets or philosophers and can easily see outside the area. They don't need empirical data to maintain their own beliefs. Metaphysical fields often attract the introverted person just because of this.

Extroverts can also be highly spiritual and show their spirituality more openly than the introvert.

They are better able to talk to everyone about spiritual and metaphysical topics, while the introvert will know how to choose the topics and who to talk to.

The introvert will rarely change his attitude to please others, with the exception of his employment.

Many introverts have learned to be "temporary extroverts," but in the end, their comfort zone brings them back home.

The introvert will not be persuaded by the pressure of the group or conformity in order to appease others, because they know that the truth is within each one.

They are excellent spiritualists, they focus on them and true change.

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