To all of us, a coincidence that seemed so improbable that it is magical and epiphan, as if there were connections between events, people or information through invisible threads that we can only glimpse for moments, has happened to us.

It is certain that a book or ad ad has given you the answer to that doubt that you were continually posing, that you would call a person on the phone and at the same time, it is her who calls you, that you have had an unexpected encounter in an unexpected place or that you have found the exact person when you needed her appearing out of the blue. This is not by chance, but synchronicity, one of the most enigmatic and surprising aspects of this universe.
What is synchronicity?
The psychologist Carl G. Jung was the one who coined the term "synchronicity", referring to "the concurrency of two events linked by the sense, but in a non-causal way", as the union of the inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained but which has a certain meaning for the person who observes it.
Jung came to the conclusion that there is an intimate connection between the individual and his environment, which at certain times exerts an attraction that ends up creating coincidental circumstances, having a specific value for the people who live it, a symbolic meaning. It is these kinds of events that we tend to blame on chance, luck or even magic, according to the perspectives we have.
Synchronicity would represent us in the physical plane, for example, the idea or solution that hides in our mind, made up of surprise and coincidence, being in this way much easier to reach.
A synchronous experience usually comes to our lives when we least expect it, but at the exact moment, sometimes changing the direction of our lives and influencing our thoughts. But for this, we have to be receptive and attentive to the world around us, creating openness to that possibility of synchronicity.
The more alerts we are about to our environment, the more likely the synchronicity will occur around us or at least, that we pay attention to it from small conversations, radio songs or advertising messages, for example, to seemingly "haphazard" encounters. You just need to be vigilant.
If we leave to the circumstances to flow and we do not press or force the occurrence of events or the will of the people, while maintaining a receptive and open attitude, letting ourselves be led by our intuition and our inner wisdom, we will open ourselves to "the magic" that offers us the experience of synchronicity. If we know how to listen to it, it can become a good guide for our lives.
Perhaps this is one of many universal laws that cannot be tested too safely, but nevertheless their presence has guided the lives of many people without even thinking about it, and it is one of the reasons that keeps us in place.
Even this article may have been the fruit of synchronicity.
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