The four laws of spirituality

They say thatthere is a brief moment in life when you feel more lost than everand that this is the moment of an encounter. An encounter with yourself, with your abysses, with your fears, with your soul. Something that has a lot to do with spirituality.

They say that, if this text reaches your hands, it is not by chance, but because there is something you need to understand. These are the four laws of spirituality in Hindu philosophy ...

Spirituality goes beyond the material and the earthly. It is not a religion or a doctrine, spirituality is taking care of and pampering our interior, letting our hearts jump over the abysses that our mind creates and humbly cultivating our values.

  1. The person who comes into your life is always the right person

This of the first laws of spirituality does not teach thatnobody comes into our life by chance.Everyone around us is there for something, even toxic people. In each exchange and in each moment, we all contribute something. We live in a world with shades of gray.

We are not all always students or always teachers.Each of us contributes something positive, even if it is through a negative trait, such as something that we cannot bear or that hurts us.

People are always flashlights in the dark.There are people more representative than others, but all, without exception, have something to tell us. Therefore, over time we come to appreciate the stones of our path, such as someone complicating our existence at a given time or who faithfully supported us.

“Each person who goes through our life is unique. He always leaves a little of himself and takes a little of us. There will be those who get along a lot, but there will be those who do not leave anything. This is the evident proof that two souls do not meet by chance ”

-Jorge Luis Borges-

Everything, absolutely everything, adds up in life.This is the reason why we must have a good predisposition towards others and not reject anylearning.

  1. What happens is the only thing that could have happened

The second of the laws of spirituality shows us thatnothing that happens in our lives could have been otherwise.Since it happened, what happened is the only thing that could have happened. What happens to us is what has to happen to us, what is appropriate at each moment and through which we have to extract a concrete meaning.

We are used to thinking of what could have been, of creatinghypothetical situationsin which we acted differently and, as a consequence, obtained another result.

Each change generates unpredictable situations, therefore, we must accept that what has happened has already happened and there are no other possibilities.What done is done.Each of our behaviors will generate in our environment a sequential chain of events that mark our path.

We are a coincidence full of intention.

Let us not become bitter with what we could have done and did not do, each thing has its moment and it takes time to assume the necessary learning. As they say, you cannot do a marathon if you did not walk before and you cannot walk if you did not crawl before. Definitely,We cannot avoid taking the necessary steps in life.

  1. Any time something starts is the right time

The third of the laws of spirituality does not say that what begins does always at the right time, neither before nor after.The new in our life appears because we attract it and we are prepared to see and enjoy it.Understanding this, we will accept that when life puts something in usroadwe have to enjoy it.

Don't wait for the perfect moment to come ... Take the moment and make it perfect.

Finally, the fourth of the laws of spirituality illustrates to us the reality that we are usually tied to endless stories and emotions.Saying goodbye hurts, but when something ends, keeping it by our side is an exercise in masochism that will generate great discomfort and multiple dependencies and insecurities.

Moving forward and moving forward is the best option to get rich and not suffer.Remember that the most influential person you talk to every day is you. Be careful then with what you say to yourself and it flows with life.

Let it flow, do not cling to anything or anyone, everything has its moment in our lives and also has a reason.




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