Que nadie te robe tu energía

Let no one steal your energy

The best tips for you to fight against the energetic vampires that surround you ... I do not know if it has ever happened to you, that you get to a place and feel that your energy and optimism go down immediately, or when someone is telling you about their life and Nowhere comes an excruciating headache ... Well, from what I know, that happens when people around you steal your energy, whom specialists call energetic vampires.

I have already dealt with this type of person on other occasions, but today I want to show you the best way to identify them and keep them away.

Some people have the ability to transmit good vibes only with their presence, but there are others who do the opposite and, in a few minutes, make you feel stressed, vulnerable, guilty and, of course, totally exhausted.

These are some symptoms that you can feel when there is an energetic vampire in your life:

Your head, stomach, or chest hurts after seeing that person.

Before long, you feel insecure, unmotivated, or dissatisfied.

You are afraid of being yourself or of expressing what you feel in front of him or her.

You just don't feel comfortable with their presence.

If you don't know how to keep your energy at bay, negative people can become a stone along the way. Its effects can be as diverse as, for example, damaging the mood of a perfect day, preventing us from getting ahead in our working life, making us stay alone when we need to find love or making us doubt any important decision.

On the other hand, many times its effects are unnoticed, our life simply does not go well and we cannot realize its influence.

My recommendation is that you do not have negative or envious people in your close circle. You don't need them and you can live without them completely. I know that many times it is not possible to cut relationships with these people, because they are family, coworkers or because we are linked to them in some way and for these cases there is a way to keep those energies at bay.

The first thing is to understand how those people affect us.

Has it ever happened to you that you have a negative friend who looks for you, calls you and seems very interested in maintaining your friendship? If you are positive, it is very, very likely that this has happened to you. This person looks for you because your energy serves him and absorbs the best of you, if you are not aware of this, that friendship can hurt you a lot, things that are not going well in your life can begin to happen, ignoring the effect that energy negative has about your life.

Although these people appear normal, they are more dangerous than the mystical "bloodsucking" creatures in horror stories. Well these people feed on your emotional energy, intoxicating the relationships that surround them, they are not easy to handle because they do not recognize that they act improperly and become defensive or worse still choose to take a victim posture ... With the phrases typical of "nobody takes me into account", "nobody loves me", and countless other phrases that I imagine you have already heard.

  • Identify them: And by being clear who takes away your energy and leaves nothing positive in your life ... Stay away!
  • Give love: This is a technique that works for you, the next time someone wants to hurt you, return a lot of love, compassion, kindness and empathy
  • Work on you: You have to make a protective shield like that of super heroes, the one that will protect you from anyone who wants to hurt you.

We should keep around us only people with our same rhythm, with our same desires, with our values ​​and with our ambitions. All of this may sound selfish and it is, but achieving your happiness is your responsibility and nobody else's.

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