quitale poder a lo que perturbe tu mente

Take power from everything that disturbs your mind

The first thing we must do if we want to free ourselves from negative thoughts is to learn to recognize and transform them so that, instead of anchoring ourselves, they help us move forward.

Your inner peace is not negotiable. Therefore, it is necessary that we begin to “economize” and allow what is important to live in our lives. It is necessary to weaken and reduce power to everything that damages and disturbs our mind.
As they say, sometimes, there is no worse enemy than yourself, and There are no worse torturers than our own thoughts.
Those that remind us over and over of yesterday's mistakes, those that bring the shadow of fears and veto our personal growth.

In life you have to walk light. The fewer burdens you have on your mind and heart, the better you will advance through your life cycle. Because everything that angers or worries you makes you prisoner.

Therefore, today we want to teach you 3 ways in which you can take power from everything that disturbs your mind.

Learn to be aware of disturbing thoughts

The human mind can become a space as complex as it is unknown. In it, our experiences and the attribution that we have made of them inhabit.

Sometimes, these attributions are not too correct (If a couple leaves me, I blame myself, because I'm not attractive or interesting enough).

We have to assess carefully what is behind those thoughts that every day limit our inner peaceand our balance. For this, we must take into account these tips:

  • Offer yourself a couple of hours each day to yourself, to rest and think.
  • Take a blank sheet and through various words, try to describe how you feel: angry, upset, I feel angry, lonely, I feel threatened, I feel fear ...
  • Once these emotions are taken outside, it is time to see what is behind them:
    • Why do I feel anger? Because this person has betrayed me.
    • Why am I afraid? Because I'm afraid they'll leave me out.
  • Now is the time to respond to those thoughts and decide what you can do to resolve them.

The mind needs to be free of negative emotions

A calm mind is a reflection of health. This is something that we must be clear about from the beginning, because if we fall on the side of continuous worry, anger or sadness, we will get sick.

Learn to forgive and let go

The need for forgive It is vital in our daily life for one reason only: it allows us to free ourselves. We know it costs, we know it hurts, but once you forgive and let go, your interior calms down.

Turn negative thoughts into positive ones

Sometimes our recurring thoughts have a clear negative component: I can't, I don't deserve it, it won't happen to me, it's too late.

It is worth making the effort to transform every negative thought into a positive one: I can, I deserve it.

Deactivate obsessive thoughts for new illusions

  • There are times when an internal fear becomes obsessive. Consider, for example, people who tend to obsess that their partners don't love them enough.
  • These kinds of obsessions lead us to develop new fears and make ourselves and others unhappy.
  • It is worth diverting these obsessions towards other focuses of interest: focus on being happy, on taking care of ourselves. If you are happy, you will make others happy.

Sometimes the weights of the mind are resolved by introducing changes

Think of your mind as in a room. There are times in our lives when, for whatever reasons, we close all the windows of that room, remaining in the dark, without the air entering.

Day by day the atmosphere will become intoxicating and, with it, us. We do not see new perspectives, there is no fresh breeze, the one that offers us oxygen and purifying fragrances.

It is necessary to “open the mind” and, for this, to get rid of that darkness that covers our mind, it is necessary to make changes. Turn that room into a palace of peace filled with multiple doors and windows.

If you are limited, either by other people or by a certain situation, dare to change, to get out of that reality.

  • One of the worst enemies of the mind is routine. Doing the same thing every day. Try to make something different and new every day.
  • Meet different people, let the world open up to you through new approaches, thoughts, feelings ...
  • Avoid being at home for a long time. Go for a walk, sign up for courses, meet friends ...
  • Get excited every day for new things.
  • Be critical, get your own opinion on things and never tire of learning, reading, experiencing.

The mind needs to be free and open its windows for all the toxic to go, and with it, the worries. Your physical and emotional health will notice if you put these tips into practice.

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Es muy buen texto y muy interesante, pues muchas veces o casi siempre, vivimos pensando en agradar a los demas o lo que es aun peor, vemos y pensamos en la forma de los demas, y si es muy cansado ser asi, yo siempre trato de ver, ¿Que hago yo, y que doy a los demas? Pues para no afectarme como son los demas.

Guadalupe Bombat Mosqueda

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