• If you have already woken up and see how others around you sleep, then walk on tiptoe, respect their sleep and discover the perfection of their own times, just as yours were perfect.
  • When they open their eyes, the brilliance of your shine will help them wake up without you needing to do anything.
  • If you are still sleeping, relax and enjoy your sleep, you are being rocked and cared for.
  • Waking up is not an act of magic, although it fills your life with magic.
  • Awakening has nothing to do with the external world, although everything around you seems to have a new shine.
  • Waking up doesn't change your life, although you feel like everything has changed.
  • Waking up does not erase your past, but when you look back you perceive it as the story of someone very dear to you who learned many things, but you feel that that someone is no longer you.
  • Waking up doesn't wake up your loved ones, but they look more divine in your eyes.
  • Awakening does not heal all your wounds, but they stop governing you.
  • Waking up doesn't make you more popular, but you won't feel alone again. Awakening does not beautify you before others, but it makes you perfect in your own eyes.
  • Awakening doesn't give you more power, but you discover the power you have.
  • Awakening may not dissolve the bars of your prisons, but it gives you the freedom to be yourself.
  • Waking up won't change the world, at least suddenly, but it will change you.
  • Awakening does not take away responsibility, on the contrary, it makes you aware of the consequences of your actions and choices.
  • Waking up doesn't make you always right, rather you no longer feel the need to be right.
  • Awakening is loving yourself, with your limits and your experiences, it is loving the other as part of your being and it is loving existence.
  • Allow yourself to enjoy the experience of being that wonderful Being that you already are.
  • Your life is a Sacred Act because it is the creation of the God in you, who is you.

1.-Listen to the wisdom of your body, which is expressed by signals of comfort and discomfort. When you choose a certain behavior, ask your body how it feels about it. If your body sends a signal of physical or emotional restlessness, be careful. If your body sends a signal of comfort and longing, proceed.
2.-Live in the present, which is the only moment you have. Keep your attention on what exists here and now; seeks fulfillment at all times. Accept what comes to you fully and completely so that you can appreciate it and learn from it; then let it go. This is as it should be. It reflects infinite laws of Nature that have brought you to this exact thought, this precise physical reaction. This moment is what it is because the Universe is what it is. Don't fight against the infinite scheme of things; On the contrary, be one with him.
3.-Dedicate time to silence, to meditate, to silence the internal dialogue. In moments of silence, become aware that you are contacting your source of pure consciousness. Pay attention to your inner life so that you can be guided by your intuition, rather than by interpretations imposed from outside about what is or is not suitable for you.
4.-Give up your need for external approval. Only you are the judge of your worth; Your goal is to discover the infinite value of yourself, without giving importance to what others think. By understanding this great freedom is achieved.
5.-When you find yourself reacting with anger or opposition to any person or circumstance, remember that you are only fighting with yourself. Presenting resistance is the reaction of the defenses created by old sufferings. When you give up that anger you will heal and cooperate with the flow of the universe.
6.-Remember that the world outside reflects your reality inside. The people to whom your reaction is strongest, whether love or hate, are projections of your inner world. What you hate most is what you deny most in yourself. What you love most is what you desire most within yourself. Use the mirror of relationships to guide your evolution. The goal is total knowledge of oneself. When you achieve it, what you want most will automatically be there; What you dislike most will disappear.
7.-Free yourself from the burden of judgments. By judging you impose good and evil on situations that simply are. Everything can be understood and forgiven, but when you judge you distance yourself from understanding and nullify the process of learning to love. In judging others, you reflect your lack of self-acceptance. Remember that each person you forgive increases your love for yourself.
8.-Do not contaminate your body with toxins, whether through food, drink or toxic emotions. Your body is not just a life support system. It is the vehicle that will take you on the journey of your evolution. The health of each cell contributes directly to your state of well-being, because each cell is a point of consciousness within the field of consciousness that is you.
9.-Replace the behavior that motivates fear with the behavior that motivates love. Fear is a product of memory, which dwells in the past. By remembering what made us suffer before, we devote our energies to ensuring that the old suffering is not repeated. But trying to impose the past on the present will never end the threat of suffering. That only happens when you find the security of your own being, which is love. Motivated by inner truth, you can face any threat, because your inner strength is invulnerable to fear.
10.-Understand that the physical world is only the mirror of a deeper intelligence. Intelligence is the invisible organizer of all matter and all energy; Since a part of this intelligence resides in you, you participate in the organizing power of the cosmos. As you are inseparably linked to the whole, you cannot afford to pollute the planet's air and water. But on a deeper level, you cannot afford to live with a toxic mind, because every thought creates an impression in the total field of intelligence. Living in balance and purity is the highest good for you and the Earth.
* * *
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