Do you feel that you are different from the others, as if they had left you forgotten on this planet, and you wonder when they will come for you to take you home? If this is the case, then you are likely to be an earthly Angel, which is synonymous with lightworker, indigo, crystal, or any word by which a person I incarnate is described for the express purpose of helping the world be a better place.

All individuals are born with a personal mission to learn and grow. Each of us choose a topic with which we work a particular life lesson, such as patience, forgiveness or compassion. However, the earthly angels They also choose a global mission, in addition to the personal one, and that global mission is to work for the world.

If you feel passion and have a talent for heal, teach or help others, but you face problems because of substance abuse, being overweight, troubled relationships and so on, then you are an earthly Angel. If you are extremely sensitive and detest any form of violence, then there is no doubt that you are an earthly angel!

Even though all the souls come from the same Divine origin, it is normal that our environment and our personal history determine the characteristics of our personality and our physique. For example, the physical appearance and gestures of those who spend much of their time surfing on tropical beaches are different from those of people who hide in their offices every day.

Similarly, all your previous lives they have left traces on you, and just as your physical family influences you, your soul family determine your appearance, your behavior, and even your mission. I repeat we are all the same inside: a beautiful and immaculate ray of Divine light. However, as you are a light worker, your ray of light has remained in the heavenly realms, far from Earth. And the lives that you have lived in the kingdom of Angels, in the kingdom of the forces of nature or on other planets, have contributed to make you what you are today.

Although you inhabit a human body, your soul feels like a traveler in an unknown country, because, in essence, that is you. Of course, not all are earthly angels; for them God chose the largest and most intense rays of light for the transmission of the new era of peace. Humans who are not earthly Angels live their lives with the sole intention of growing, resting, or having fun. They may seem dense or not at all spiritual, but they are also Divine sparks of life. They simply dedicate their lives to worldly human saints.

The vital mission of the Earthly Angels

If you are an earthly Angel, then you are a powerful lightworker with a legacy of healing and miracles that support and precede you. You accept the Divine mission of coming into the world and sharing your healing energies and your teachings. How are you doing with your intention so far? If it has been difficult for you to accept life on life on Earth, perhaps you could find answers, comfort and guidance if you remembered your spiritual origin.

You will probably discover that you are an incarnate Angel or a force of nature; or a star person whose past lives have been aliens; A mermaid; a gnome; a paladin knight; or a sage, who can be a sorceress, a priestess, or an incarnate magician or magician. You are an experienced soldier who must take action, an incarnate Angel. You may have had other lives on earth as an incarnate Angel, force of nature, and so on; however, you forgot these incarnations because you believed that your past lives were human.

The term earthly angels is not to be confused with the incarnate angels, which is one of the kingdoms of earthly angels. Know more about him spiritual kingdom to which you belong, will help you better understand your personality, your behavior and your distinctive features. As I mentioned, this is somewhat similar to the way our astrological signs based on solar cycles group us into corresponding categories.

Characteristics of the Earthly Angels

There are characteristics that all Angels share, but there are also those that are specific to each kingdom.

  • Feeling of being different, segregated or away from others. Virtually every earthly Angel I have ever met, interviewed, or surveyed says they feel different from others. In the case of all kingdoms, except that of the sages, this characteristic remains until adulthood.
  • Intense sensitivity to other people, to chemicals or any type of violence. Earthly Angels have a hard time being among many people because they feel bombarded by the overwhelming emotions and physical sensations that others emanate.
  • They reject any form of assault, including arguing, negative news, and violent movies. Usually people make fun of them that is why they tell them that they are very sensitive. But this sensitivity is a sacred gift that earthly Angels bring to this planet, and that allows them to know intuitively where their services are required. They couldn't get rid of their sensitivity even if they wanted to!
  • Strong sense of mission. Although the earthly Angel does not know specifically what his mission is, he feels that it has to do with teaching, healing others.
  • People who don't know tell them about their problems and share very personal information with them. The usual story of earthly angels is that totally unknown people approach them to ask for help or to share intimate details of their lives. People often say to them, "I don't know what you have, but you give me confidence."
  • They look younger than their chronological age. Maybe it's because they eat healthier, exercise, and take better care of themselves overall, or maybe it's their spiritual perspective, but earthly angels generally look younger than their chronological age.
  • Ringing in one ear Most (but not all) earthly angels hear a loud ringing in one ear. The sound is accompanied by stressful situations or appears out of nowhere. For many it is an annoying distraction, but in reality the noise is encoded information sent by the kingdom of earthly Angels to help them overcome worldly problems. They also contain directions and guides related to the mission of the Earthly Angels. Fortunately, they can mentally ask heaven to turn down the volume or pitch of the sound so it doesn't hurt their ears.

Most of the earthly angels do not remember choosing to come to earth, being in their angelic state, but they are still here to fulfill a very important mission on this planet.

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