Sorteo Difusor de Aromaterapia en Facebook

Spreading drawing of Aromaterapia in Facebook

We realize this drawing in Facebook to inaugurate our on-line shop, to know as you can take part, pass for our page of Facebook, it is very simple, it will not take a lot of time to you and you will be able to obtain this beautiful aromaterapia diffuser
A certification astonishes to relax with the exquisite aromas of the essential oils!!
Led with 7 colors that are changing automatically, you can make also fixed the color that more you like and also fit its intensity.
More information in the publication of the drawing, prickle here!!
On having combined the effect of the ultrasonic waves in a solution of water and essential oils, it does that million micro particles disperse in the shape of an aromatic mist. This way the organism can absorb he iscough essential oils and to exercise its benefits on the health, the relaxation or the well-being in general.

Do not forget to take part in the drawing!!!! Share!!
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