Draw Bases and Extra Participations

Riva Beauty Shop, carries out raffles among its followers to reward their loyalty, at no cost to them.

For the correct participation in the raffles, participants must meet a series of requirements which will be detailed in the publication of the draw.

We make available to our loyal fans the option to get extra entries, which will give them more opportunities to win the raffle, with the requirements requested in the publication of the raffle they are already participating, but with the extras there are more opportunities to win.

How to get extra participations?

Bonus entries are not mandatory, but give participants more options to opt for the prize.

To validate the extra participations, participants must leave in their comment, the name they use in each social network, name used in the registration or order number.

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          Conducting the draw

          The draw will be held on the day indicated in the publication of the draw, through the platform raffle2, There will be a winner and a substitute person.

          The winner's name will be published on social networks and on our website, the winner will have 3 business days to get in touch via private message, to provide us with the details and delivery address of their prize, after these three days if the prize is not claimed, it will go to the substitute.

          Once the prize has been received, the winner must post a photo of the prize on our Facebook page, if they do not meet this requirement they will not be eligible for subsequent drawings.





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