What is a Bad Buddhist?



The Buddhist mala or rosary has become a fashionable object, being used as an ornament by models, artists, musicians, intellectuals and ordinary people. However, few know its deep meaning.

Why do you have 108 accounts?The answer is complicated, but the origin of 108 is a sacred number astrologically related to the 12 astrological houses, multiplied by the 9 planets in our solar system. The Malas may also have 109 beads, 108 to count mantra, and the supplemental Guru's Bead (usually slightly larger), which is where the Mala ends on the tassel. The Guru's Account is added as a reminder of the sacred devotion to the Master or Guru. Wrist Malas have only 27 beads.

What is the goal of a Mala?The aim of Mala from the point of view of Buddhism, Hinduism, Muslim or Christian traditions are to count sacred "Mantra" prayers during a period of recitation. For example, one could recite, ”the Mantra of Om Mani Padme, Mantra of Compassion by counting each recitation. Of course, one can use Mala for any sacred prayer of any spiritual or religious tradition.

How should a Mala be used?Malas are used by moving the fingers starting with the first count after the Guru count. Every time you recite a full mantra then it is passed to the next count. Once a round of the Mala has been completed and the Guru account is reached then the direction is reversed. The belief of not holding the account of the Master or Guru is due to a feeling of devotion, good disposition or respect for the same.

Why count the Mantras?Some practitioners make a commitment to recite a certain number of Mantras at a certain time, and to keep the "count" they serve the Mala.

Mala is not a jewelery item, and should not be considered as suchUse the Mala with respect and care, do not leave the Mala on the ground, nor any of the sacred objects, including books and other ritual instruments of spiritual practice. If Mala falls to the ground, touch the crown of your head by reciting, Om Ah Hung, or another auspicious mantra you know three times.

Don't let other people touch you as an object of vulgar curiosity. Touching someone with an act of blessing or healing may be appropriate. It is very beneficial to have the Mala blessed by a Lama or Guru.

The Buddhists use Mala to overcome the 108 sinful desires in order to reach the state of Nirvana. By virtue of their meditative nature, these two prayers have in common a calming effect on those who use them to pray; They lead them to experiment and pray for peace, and they produce fruits of love.

The circular shape of a mala and the physical connection between her beads serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of life and the cyclical nature of spiritual teachings.

When using a mala you must take into account:

* Mala should not be seen when we use it. We must wear it around our neck inside our clothes.

* We must not let anyone touch them. It is very personal. It is not a jewelery item.

* It must be treated with respect.

* It is an object of protection.

* We should not sleep with it on.

* It is advisable to have 1 mala for each occasion: 1 to take to Yoga classes, another to meditate ... Malas retain a lot of energy and it is not beneficial for one to have only 1. By having several we avoid overloading the Mala with energy.

* The bad ones emanate good and bad energy. It depends on us.

* It does not matter what material it is made of.

* The Mala chooses you, not the other way around. This means that one is going to have the bad or the bad ones that one must have.

* The Malas can be used during class and in our daily life: necklace type inside the clothes, wrapped in the hand type bracelet, inside a pocket of the clothes during the class. They can also be placed in a corner of the mat during our Yoga practice. The latter is recommended in seed badRUDRAKSHA. These should not be used during Yoga practice.

* If an account is broken to Mala it does not matter. We must not discard it, we must continue using it like this. That means something important happened to us. Or that the Mala protected us from something bad. When we recite the 108 mantras we will do it the same way 108 times, even if 1 count is missing.

* There are Malas of 108 beads type necklace and Malas type bracelet of 27 or 18 beads. If we use a mala of 27 accounts we must make 4 turns to the mala. If it is 18 it must be 6 times. At the end of a lap we must turn the mala without touching the middle or guru account.