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AGATE BRACELET WITH ONYX (BOHO STYLE) - Healing natural stone bracelet

AGATE BRACELET WITH ONYX (BOHO STYLE) - Healing natural stone bracelet

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The Agate with Onyx Bracelet is an expression of elegance and strength , fusing the delicacy of Agate with the solidity of Onyx. Each Agate bead, with its unique tones and veins, reflects the natural beauty and diversity of the earth. Onyx, with its deep black color and subtle shine, adds a touch of mystery and sophistication to the bracelet, creating a visually striking contrast.

In addition to its aesthetic beauty, the combination of Agate and Onyx provides an energy of balance and protection. Agate is said to promote emotional stability and harmony, while Onyx is known for its ability to dissipate negative energy and strengthen determination . By wearing this bracelet, you invite a state of balance and inner strength , allowing its wearer to feel protected and empowered in any situation.


● Material: Agate Stone with Onyx, Zinc Alloy Charm.

● Stone size: 6 mm.

● Bracelet size: For men, between 18-26 cm (adjustable) and for women, between 16-24 cm (adjustable).


♥ Love
♥ Abundance
♥ Wealth
♥ Good luck
♥ Longevity
♥ Acceptance
♥ Courage and strength
♥ Protection, security and protection
♥ Balance
♥ Harmony
♥ Nature appreciation

♥ Strength
♥ Resistance
♥ Consistency
♥ Permanence
♥ Firmness
♥ Durability
♥ Self-control

Agate is an excellent stone to rebalance and harmonize body, mind and spirit . Cleanses and stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity . Agate improves mental function , improving concentration , perception and analytical abilities . It calms and soothes, heals anger or internal tension and creates a feeling of security and protection .

Agate heals the eyes, stomach and uterus ; cleanses the lymphatic system and pancreas ; strengthens blood vessels and cures skin disorders.

Onyx gives strength. Promotes vigor, firmness and resistance . It conveys self- confidence , helping you feel comfortable in your surroundings. Onyx banishes pain , improves self-control and stimulates the power to make wise decisions . Promotes happiness and good fortune .

Onyx treats bone, bone marrow and blood disorders. It is beneficial for teeth and feet .


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