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Buddhist Nude Bracelet from the Hand-Made Luck Set of Three

Buddhist Nude Bracelet from the Hand-Made Luck Set of Three

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The Buddhist bracelets are special, their high vibration is achieved by being knotted while they recite mantras, performed delicately with first quality yarn, their long durability will make us accompany us for a long time contributing their properties.
They attract everything positive to our life, they give us protection and raise our consciousness.

    In Tibetan Buddhism, during some healing rituals these red thread bracelets are used to "restore the natural order of things". The monk who directs the ceremony ties red cordels on the wrists of the participants, so that body and soul are bound eternally and firmly.

    The red bracelet should be carried in the left hand as it is considered by the Cabal as the receiving side for the body and the soul. By using the red cord on the left wrist, we can receive a vital connection with the protective energies of the universe.

    In this way with the wristband of the lucky knots we will feel protected, at the same time we will only attract positive things to our life, eliminating and rejecting any negative energy. The knots are tied by reciting mantras.

    For centuries, mantras have been used in spiritual practice to focus and transform subtle energy.

    The healing energies awakened by the sound of the mantra are inherent in the psyche. In the Buddhist tradition, these positive forces are characterized as divinities: manifestations of a transforming force that is found in our mind.

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