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Buddhamans' Buddhist bracelet handcrafted BUDA amulet

Buddhamans' Buddhist bracelet handcrafted BUDA amulet

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Specially created, knotted and ritualized Buddhist bracelet to help you in your spiritual growth and attract prosperity

✿ Meticulously handcrafted with love
✿ Unisex
✿ Eco-friendly
✿ Vegan
✿ Water-resistant
✿ Premium Nylon Yarn

Adjustable between 18-30 cm

Pronounce positive statements when you wear this bracelet

11-The secret works for me

12-I believe in the Power of Attraction

13-The Universe is based on attraction

14-The law of attraction is the most powerful law in the Universe

15- I believe that everything I attract comes into my life

16-I think...... I'm creating my world

17-I think.... I'm creating my world full of abundance.

18-I affirm with conviction that I deserve a life of prosperity in abundance

19-I'm passionate about success and wealth

20-I feel emotions of prosperity and let me know that I am attracting abundance.      

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