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Tibetan Buddhist Bracelet Balance CHAKRAS

Tibetan Buddhist Bracelet Balance CHAKRAS

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    A Buddhist bracelet specially ritualized to balance the chakras, its high vibration is achieved being knotted while reciting mantras.

    Always carry it on to attract all the positive, adjustable size and delicately made with top quality yarn, will make, for its durability, accompany you for a long time providing you with its properties.

    Blue is the color of expansion, joy, kindness, good humor and enthusiasm. So, when we find ourselves a little apathetic, let's put on this Buddhist bracelet. It will also represent power, the ability to take responsibility.

    For centuries, mantras have been used in spiritual practice to focus and transform subtle energy.

    The healing energies awakened by the sound of the mantra are inherent in the psyche. In Buddhist tradition, these positive forces are characterized as divinities: manifestations of a transformative force found in our minds.

    What are chakras and what are they for?

    The aura is an energetic field that surrounds the body of every human being and has rivers of energy called meridians that nourish each organ of the body. This is supplied by seven energy vortices called chakras.

    These carry the spectrum of colors of the rainbow, and have various functions: they are associated with a part of the body and a gland, so if they are well balanced we have good health. Good health and the right flow of energy also give stability and mental clarity, and also benefit our spiritual life.

    There are several ways to stabilize the chakras, such as through the Reiki


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