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UNDERSTANDING - Handmade Lucky Buddhist Knot Bracelet

UNDERSTANDING - Handmade Lucky Buddhist Knot Bracelet

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The Understanding bracelet is a work of art that fuses careful craftsmanship with spirituality centered on deep understanding. Each strand of this bracelet is masterfully hand-woven by skilled artisans while reciting mantras that encapsulate the essence of understanding and connection to universal wisdom. During the creation process, each knot is carefully intertwined, carrying with it the intention to infuse the bracelet with a serene vibration and the ability to cultivate a deeper understanding of existence.

Wearing the Understanding bracelet is immersing yourself in a constant reminder of the importance of seeking the truth and understanding the intrinsic richness of each moment. Each thread and each mantra recited during its making combine to form a jewel that not only adorns the wrist, but also acts as a tangible amulet of connection between conscious craftsmanship and the daily practice of living with a deeper understanding. This bracelet is an inspiring beacon that invites us to celebrate the beauty of knowledge and constantly remind ourselves of the richness that arises when we embrace a broader understanding in our spiritual and everyday journey.

  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Item Condition: New
  • Material Tibetan rope
  • Chain Type Rope Chain
  • Closure type: Slipknot
  • Length: 16cm - 24cm


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