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Fourth Chakra Anahata Bracelet, chromotherapy, with affirmations

Fourth Chakra Anahata Bracelet, chromotherapy, with affirmations

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Bracelet made by hand with 1 mm thick premium nylon thread, using the macrame technique, it is attached to the connector with the Chakra symbol, its sliding closure makes it adapt to any size and is comfortable to wear.

Ideal to open, balance and work the desired chakra by means of chromotherapy and the affirmations corresponding to each Chakra

The chakras are activated in many ways. They can be activated through affirmations, prayers, colors, mantras, with the practice of yoga ...

How do chakra bracelets work?

Choose the chakra bracelet that catches your attention the most (either due to its symbolism or its color). If you have already chosen it, go to the corresponding chakra and decide which of the affirmations vibrates you the most ... Work with that affirmation and with the color of the chakra (bracelet in hand) every day feeling that it is so and that it is happening in you ... you will be surprised !!!

To activate and infuse your chakra bracelet with positive energy, you must sit in silence and calm. Hold your energy bracelet in both hands. Take a deep breath and visualize your intention according to the energy you have acquired- Repeat the affirmations out loud for a few minutes, with the vibration of your voice the bracelet will be activated with the intention of the affirmations, repeat this process for at least 21 Days !!

Anahata is the fourth chakra. Located in the zone of the cardiac plexus in the center of the chest, it is related to our capacity to love and receive love, be compassionate, live joy and accept ourselves. It is associated with an energy called vyana in charge of taking nutrients (from food, breathing, ideas and experiences) wherever we need them.

If their energy is balanced and flowing well, you will not tend to feel lonely and you will be able to forgive others and empathize with them. You will also know how to take care of yourself and provide yourself with the physical and emotional support you need.

But the energy of the fourth chakra may be out of balance. When it is due to excess, one can tend to assume the problems of others as their own, or not to attend to our needs and always put the welfare of others first. If it is by default, the person may feel alone and isolated, or be excessively critical and lack empathy.

This imbalance can be due to many reasons: unresolved penalties, or rejection, abandonment by a loved one



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