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PYRITE BRACELET (BOHO STYLE) - Healing Natural Stone Bracelet

PYRITE BRACELET (BOHO STYLE) - Healing Natural Stone Bracelet

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☉ The Pyrite Bracelet is a jewel that radiates elegance and natural power. Each pyrite bead, with its characteristic golden metallic sheen, dazzlingly reflects light, attracting glances and arousing admiration. The careful arrangement of the beads highlights the intrinsic beauty of this stone, creating a bracelet that is not only beautiful, but also filled with meaning and positive energy.

In addition to its aesthetic beauty, pyrite is considered a stone of protection and prosperity. It is said to help attract wealth and good luck, while dissipating negative energy and strengthening the user's aura. By wearing this bracelet, confidence and empowerment are invited, allowing its wearer to walk with determination and confidence on their path to success and personal fulfillment.

●Material: Pyrite Stone, Silver Charm.

●Stone size: 6 mm.

●Size: Women Size About 6.7 inches and adjustable.


♥ Intelligence
♥ Mental stability
♥ Logic
♥ Creativity
♥ Psychic development
♥ Memory
♥ Practicality
♥ Optimism
♥ Channeling skills
♥ Learning and perception

Pyrite is a powerful protective stone that protects against all forms of negative vibrations and/or energy, working on the physical. , etheric and emotional. It stimulates the intellect and improves memory, helping to remember relevant information when necessary. Pyrite helps see behind facades, promoting understanding of what lies behind words and actions. The ancient Incas used pyrite for meditation and divination.

Pyrite inspires universal energies to activate the body's nutritional energies. Promotes the ideal of health, intellect and emotional well-being. It allows us to recognize the purity of the universe.

It can be used in bone treatment and healing cell formation. It treats lung disorders and bronchitis and has been used to reduce swelling and fever. Pyrite helps in the treatment of infectious diseases, while also providing protection against illness for caregivers.

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