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Krista Knots of the Buddhist Suerte Karma

Krista Knots of the Buddhist Suerte Karma

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A specially ritualized Buddhist bracelet to attract fortune and abundance to your life, your high vibration is achieved by being knotted as you recite mantras.

Always carry it over to attract everything positive, size adjustable and performed delicately with top quality yarn, it will make you, for its durability, accompany you for a long time providing you with its properties.

In this way with the wristband of the lucky knots we will feel protected, at the same time we will only attract positive things to our life, eliminating and rejecting any negative energy. The knots are tied by reciting mantras.

For centuries, mantras have been used in spiritual practice to focus and transform subtle energy.

The healing energies awakened by the sound of the mantra are inherent in the psyche. In the Buddhist tradition, these positive forces are characterized as divinities: manifestations of a transforming force that is found in our mind.



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