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Original Tibetan Buddhist Bracelet Multicolor knots of luck

Original Tibetan Buddhist Bracelet Multicolor knots of luck

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Multicolored bracelets with lucky Buddhist Tibetan knots, handmade according to Buddhist tradition

✿ History ✿
The Buddhist tradition of such special bracelets has its origin in Buddhist temples, where Tibetan monks perform each knot while reciting mantras that they infuse intent. Full consciousness in this meditative act achieves the high vibration to be transmitted to the wristbands and attract luck and the most positive things to our lives.

Their popularity makes them chosen by famous people, who are fully confident in their properties.

It is a pleasure from my experience, to share these wristbands made with much love and intent, as each of us can raise the vibration through meditation and yoga, thank you for being part of this change.

They attract everything positive to our life, give us protection and raise our consciousness.

Its size is adjustable between 16 -24 cm, and it fits the standard Unisex sizes, if you need a smaller measure it can be adjusted to your measure, contact me to facilitate the size of your wrist.

✿ Meticulously handmade with love
✿ Unisex
✿ Green
✿ Vegan
✿ Water resistant
✿ Nylon Premium Thread


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