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Bracelet the First Chakra Muladhara

Bracelet the First Chakra Muladhara

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Realized bracelet artesanalmente with thread of nylon of the first quality of 1 mm of thickness, using the macramé skill, joins the connector with the symbol of the Chakra, its closing deslizante does that he adapts himself to any measurement and is comfortable of going.

Ideal to open, to balance and to work the chakra wished by means of the chromotherapy and the affirmations corresponding every Chakra

The chakras are activated of many ways. They can be activated across affirmations, prayers, colors, mantras, with the practice of the yoga …

How do the bracelets of the chakras work?

The bracelet chooses chakra that more attracts attention of you (be already well for its simbología or for its color). If you have already chosen it see the corresponding chakra and decide which of the affirmations vibrates you more … Works with this affirmation and with the color of the chakra (bracelet in hand) every day feeling that it is like that and that it is happening in you … you will be surprised!!!

To activate and to unmelt with positive energy its bracelet of the chakras, debits sentarteen silence and calmness. It supports your energy bracelet in both hands. Breathe deeply and visualize its intention in accordance with the energy that you have acquired - Repeat aloud the affirmations during a few minutes, with the vibration of your voice the bracelet will be activated by the intention of the affirmations, repeat this process for at least 21 Days!!

Muladhara it is the first chakra. Placed in the base of the column, where from it acts like foundation for all the rest chakras, it is related to the physical world and our basic needs for survival and existence.

If its energy is balanced and flows well, you will feel yourself safe in the life. It will be easier to live in the present moment and to tune in with what it happens around you to you. Also you will enjoy an immune system and a few strong bones and will notice that your earthly needs, like the meal and the roof, they are satisfied.

But the energy of the first chakra can be unbalanced. When it is for excess, one tends to feel suspended in the life; to accumulate unnecessary things and to be a cheapskate; to get obsessed with the physical safety; to shut itself up in the routine and to be afraid of the innovations or to suffer from constipation or depression. If it is for defect, it is possible to be a frightened person; to lack discipline and to look for the constant change; not to have aptitude to commit itself in the relations or to slim excessively.



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