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Red bracelet seven knots, red bracelet 7 knots of luck , KABBALAH,protection,

Red bracelet seven knots, red bracelet 7 knots of luck , KABBALAH,protection,

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Manufactured with premium 2mm diameter nylon yarn, durable and durable, waterproof,

7 knot bracelets for the whole family, child and baby size available

Adult Size: opens 16 to 24 cm
Child size: opens 11 to 22 cm
Baby size: opens 8 to 17 cm

The seven-knot red bracelet is considered a kind of anti-energy protection amulet.

In addition, it must be used according to belief to make it really work.

It must be bound in the left hand since that is the side by which the body and soul receive all kinds of energy; and on this occasion, the most special that are the protective energies

The seven knots are the representation of different spiritual dimensions that make up your whole reality.

Carrying it in your left hand offers spiritual immunization against the "bad eye" that is a damage transmitted by people consciously or unconsciously.

And finally, red relates to a warning of danger.

It is a protective bracelet against all danger.

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Customer Reviews

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Gregorio A.

Es una pulsera muy buena para la protección y esta la he comprado para mi pareja,como siempre os agradezco el trato y que hayáis ajustado la pulsera a la muñeca de ella.Mucha suerte!!!😘😘🙏


Just received my 7 knots family bracelets. Product as designed. I can’t say how much I appreciate Claudia and race enough about her excellent customer service. No need to scroll anymore if you are looking at this review purchase from her shop!