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Seventh Sahasrara Chakra bracelet, chromotherapy, with claims

Seventh Sahasrara Chakra bracelet, chromotherapy, with claims

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Bracelet made by hand with premium nylon thread of 1 mm thickness, using the macramé technique, joins the connector with the symbol of the Chakra, its sliding closure makes it adapt to any size and is comfortable to wear.

Ideal for opening, balancing and working the desired chakra through chromotherapy and the corresponding affirmations for each Chakra

The chakras are activated in many ways. They can be activated through affirmations, prayers, colors, mantras, with the practice of yoga...

How do chakra bracelets work?

Choose the chakra bracelet that catches your eye (either by symbology or by its color). If you have already chosen it go to the corresponding chakra and decide which of the statements vibrates you the most ... Work with that statement and with the color of the chakra (handband) every day feeling like this and that it is happening in you ... you'll be surprised!!!

To activate and infuse with positive energy your chakra bracelet, you must sit quiet and calm. Hold your energy bracelet in both hands. Take a deep breath and visualize your intention according to the energy you have acquired- Repeat aloud the affirmations for a few minutes, with the vibration of your voice the bracelet will be activated with the intention of the affirmations, repeat this process for at least 21 Days!!

Sahasrara is the seventh chakra. Also known as the crown chakra, it is located on the crown or highest part of the head and is the gateway to infinite consciousness.

If the energy of this chakra is balanced, you will be able to connect with the state of bliss that is associated with absolute knowledge or Satchidananda. The seventh chakra provides the energy connection necessary to transcend the worldly duality that makes us see the world in terms of pairs of opposites: ourselves and others; object and subject; male and female, etc.

But the energy of the Sahasrara chakra may be blocked and make you feel scattered, that inspiration and joy are lacking in your life, that you see the world in a purely materialistic and rational way or that you fail to connect with spiritual sources.



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