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Simple bracelet Red thread, bracelet amulet, I give protection KABBALAH

Simple bracelet Red thread, bracelet amulet, I give protection KABBALAH

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Simple but very nice bracelet done to hand with Korean thread of the first quality resistant and lasting, 1 mm in diameter.

❤ I tell them several traditions of the bracelet of red thread as the cultures ❤

One of the lucky charms most used in the history is the Turkish eye also known as Nazar, it is thought an amulet against the malefice and the bad energies.

In practice of the Cabbala (discipline related to the interpretation of the ancient books of the Torá) the red thread is a protection tool, this one is used in the left hand since this part of the body is the one that collaborates with "receiving", therefore, on having taken it in the left doll we are protecting our energy field of receiving bad vibrations and energies that are generated by circumstances or negative or envious persons who are part of our environment.

In the Tibetan Buddhism, the red thread is the same way a powerful protection mechanism for the body and the spirit, sealing its energy field of the negative vibrations of the environment.

In Occident, the Latin-American Indians also were thinking that the bracelets or necklaces with tapes or red bowls were protecting against the negative effects or the "malefice". For this reason, in countries like Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and big part of Central America and the Caribbean Sea, still nowadays, in some areas it gets accustomed to tie tapes or bracelets in the left dolls of the newborn babies.

❤ A perfect gift for you and the whole family or friends ❤ 

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